3M Dusted Crystal

San Diego, California

3M Dusted Crystal Installation at Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego, CA  

Solar Art installed 3M Dusted Crystal to Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego, California. The customer was looking to increase privacy and confidentiality within the private offices. A lot of their customers are discussing confidential financial matters that they don’t want others around the bank to hear. They also didn’t want anything too bright or flashy that would distract customers and employees and they wanted to keep with the overall look of the interior of the space. They were looking for something that wasn’t permanent and was easily removable in case they didn’t want it anymore or wanted to switch it out for a different window film. They worked back and forth with our sales team to find the perfect decorative window film for them. Some decorative window films are more opaque than others creating more privacy. After seeing their different options, the customer decided to have 3M Dusted Crystal installed.

Benefits of 3M Dusted Crystal  

The customer installed a 3M Dusted Crystal band on the majority of private offices in the bank to create a uniform look throughout the building. They decided to have a band installed as opposed to full coverage dusted crystal because they still wanted to be able to see into the offices somewhat. With 3M Dusted Crystal, privacy and confidentiality are increased and the view into the office isn’t completely hindered. Some of the offices have a design made out of wooden squares on the wall next to the glass. They decided to have the 3M Dusted Crystal cut into squares to match the wooden pieces. Not only did those private offices have an increase in privacy, but there was also a design factor added as well. Dusted Crystal not only increases privacy, but it will also reduce heat and reduce glare. Solar Art frequently installs 3M Dusted Crystal and other decorative window films to commercial settings as well as residential settings. Solar Art services decorative window film as well as solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, security window film, and exterior building wraps. We could be your one-stop shop to making your commercial space or even home more enjoyable and safer year-round!

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