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Los Angeles, California 

Anti Graffiti Film Installation to a Storefront in Los Angeles, California     

Solar Art installed anti graffiti film to a commercial building in Los Angeles, California! This building is brand new and the customer hadn’t even moved in yet. The customer is completely redoing everything in this building from top to bottom. One of the main things they are replacing is all of the windows and glass. They are getting all new glass from a window company called Hardy Windows, who Solar Art works closely with all the time. Being as they are a window company and we are a window film company, we have a lot of mutual customers so we refer to each other all the time. This customer was no different. Hardy Windows installed new, beautiful glass to the entire building and thought the customer could really benefit from anti graffiti film. Hardy Windows thought the customer could really benefit from anti graffiti film because as you can see from the photo, there is a ton of glass in the storefront and the building is located on a busy street in Los Angeles. They called up Solar Art to see if we could help them with this project!

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Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film 

Like I said, Hardy Windows instantly thought of Solar Art and anti graffiti film for this customer because of where it is located. It is on a busy street and has a ton of exposed glass. Anti graffiti film is a protective layer of window film that is installed directly onto the glass surface. Anti graffiti film protects glass surfaces from vandalism such as graffiti, etching, scratching and more. As you can imagine, this is perfect for highly trafficked areas like this storefront in downtown Los Angeles. Anti graffiti film is optically clear, which means you won’t be able to tell it’s there when it’s installed. The look of your building isn’t going to change at all and customers or even potential vandals won’t know it’s there. Anti graffiti film comes in different thicknesses, and as you can imagine, the thicker the window film, the harder it is to get through. In addition to protecting against vandalism, anti graffiti film strengthens your glass and blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. If vandalism does occur, all you have to do is call up Solar Art and our installation crew will simply remove the damaged film and install a fresh later. You get peace of mind knowing your storefront glass is going to look clean 24/7. Not to mention, replacing anti graffiti film is a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself. It really is a win-win situation. In addition to anti graffiti film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, security window film and exterior building wraps. If you think anti graffiti film could benefit your business and you are interested in learning more, contact Solar Art today for a free consultation!

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