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Long Beach, California

Anti Graffiti Film Installation at the Long Beach Convention Center

Solar Art installed anti graffiti film to the Long Beach Convention Center! We are fortunate enough to have worked with this customer several times, but unfortunately, this is because they have a problem with their mirrors being etched multiple times. They were unhappy because they were spending a fortune replacing the glass itself. The customer was looking for a solution for the vandalism that was occurring, so they reached out to Solar Art to learn more about anti graffiti film.

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Benefits of Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti graffiti film is a protective layer of window film that is installed directly on glass and metal surfaces. Anti graffiti film protects the surfaces from vandalism like graffiti and etching. If the window film does get damaged, it can easily be removed with no damage to the surface itself. Replacing anti graffiti film is also a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself. It’s a win-win situation for customers like the Long Beach Convention Center that have glass that is in high trafficked areas. After working with our sales representatives and learning about anti graffiti film and the benefits it offers, they decided it was the best solution for them and had it installed on the mirrors throughout the convention center. In the case of the Long Beach Convention Center, their mirrors did in fact get etched again. But this time, the convention center was prepared with the anti graffiti film. The convention center called up Solar Art and we quickly had the damaged anti graffiti film removed and replaced with a fresh layer very quickly. Anti graffiti film is also great for areas that have high traffic like mirrors, elevators, escalators, vending machines and more! In addition to anti graffiti film, Solar Art also services solar film, security window film, custom graphics, decorative window film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in anti graffiti film, Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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Anti graffiti film is a protective layer of film that protects metal and glass surfaces from vandalism. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!