Anti Graffiti Film Orange County, CA

Graffiti is a serious plight for commercial property owners near the Orange County region. You work hard to keep your office or storefront clean for your patrons, and the last thing you need is ugly scratches and marks. If your work space has been damaged by graffiti, replacing fixtures like display windows and sheet metal can be too expensive to be a realistic option. Solar Art offers Anti-Graffiti film for windows and metal in the Orange County region for an affordable price and quick application.


Protection for Orange County Businesses

Storefront glass, mirrors and metal are easy targets for vandals. Because graffiti comes in many ways, our Anti-Graffiti film defends against scratching, dents, marks and acid-etching. Shield your storefront or office space against damage for a fraction of the price with Solar Art film.


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Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film

There are many advantages to installing Solar Art Anti-Graffiti film. All of our films are replacable if they fall under attack to vandals in your neighborhood. We can remove and replace any harmed film to ensure your space always looks its best.

Along with graffiti protection, our product reinforces surfaces to shield your property from break-ins and mishaps that could harm the glass. It also delivers 99% defense from UV rays to keep the items in your storefront window from bleaching.

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Sheet Metal Protection

elevator-graffiti-shield-orange-county-ca.jpgSolar Art also provides Metal Shield for metal or steel surfaces that are prone to scratches from vandals and simple wear and tear. Just like our glass product, Metal Shield can be applied and restored quickly for a fraction of the price to replace the metal itself. Available in brushed aluminum and stainless steel, this product restores your sheet metal to good as new.

Add Metal Shield to:

  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Restrooms
  • Vending machines
  • Wall panels