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San Francisco, California 

Anti Graffiti Film Installation at a Chase Bank in San Francisco, California     

Solar Art installed anti graffiti film to the storefront of a Chase Bank in San Francisco, California! Recently, the bank has had some issues with graffiti and vandalism. Their storefront glass was tagged and they obviously didn’t want their store to look unsightly, so they had to remove and replace the glass. Replacing glass, especially for an entire storefront can be pretty expensive. After this happened twice, the customer decided they need a way to protect their glass and prevent this from happening anymore. In addition to the tagging and graffiti, they were also having issues with the ATM and the storefront glass being scratched from keys and everyday wear and tear. They did some research to figure out solutions for these problems and came across anti graffiti film and thought it would be the perfect solution. They reached out to Solar Art to learn more!

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Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film 

When it comes to anti graffiti film, there is the standard option that works on glass surfaces and there is a product called Metal Shield that works great for stainless steel surfaces. Regardless of if you installed standard anti graffiti film or Metal Shield, it is a protective layer of window film that is applied directly on the surface. Standard anti graffiti film comes in different thicknesses, depending on the job and what you are looking for. Obviously, the thicker the anti graffiti film, the harder it is to get through it. Anti graffiti film protects against scratching, etching, graffiti and more. If the glass does get tagged, anti graffiti film can easily be removed and replaced with no damage to the glass. Not to mention, replacing anti graffiti film is significantly cheaper than replacing the glass itself. Another great benefit of anti graffiti film is the fact that it’s optically clear. People won’t know it’s there and it won’t change the look of your space aesthetically. Anti graffiti film is a cost effective solution to protect your glass, mirrors and stainless steel surfaces 24/7. As a homeowner or business owner it is nice to have peace of mind knowing your store is protected from vandalism. If it isn’t exterior vandalism you are worried about and it is more wear and tear and accidental damage, not to worry. Anti graffiti film can be installed on both the interior and exterior of glass, again depending on what the job is and what you are looking for exactly. In addition to anti graffiti film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, security window film, custom graphics and exterior building wraps to both homes and commercial buildings. If you are interested in getting anti graffiti film installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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