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Custom Graphics Installation at a Church in Seattle, Washington      

Solar Art installed custom graphics to a church in Seattle, Washington! This installation was a little different in the sense that the customer already had the custom graphics printed, they just needed Solar Art’s installation crew to install them! While we do have our own in house graphics team, we still do installation only jobs. The church has large glass doors right in the entryway of the building. The church mainly wanted to raise awareness to the glass, as they have had a few people not see it and run right into it. In addition to wanting to increase privacy, the church also wanted to add a nice decorative design factor to the space to make it feel warm and inviting. They came up with the design they were looking for and had the custom graphics printed. The customer was really happy with the design they chose and thought it was going to be a great fit for the church. The only thing they needed now was a company to do the installation. That’s where Solar Art came in! Our field estimator met the custom on site just like always, but this time it was to take measurements of the glass and to look at the graphics and make sure we could actually do the installation. Our field estimator and in house graphics team worked closely with the customer on this job. One it was determined that we could do the installation, our installers went out on site and got the custom graphics installed.

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Benefits of Custom Graphics 

The church was really pleased with how our installation turned out. They were able to draw attention to the glass and increase safety. They were also able to add a really cool custom design to the church. While Solar Art can install supplied graphics, we also create our own custom graphics. We have an in house graphics crew that can create and produce the custom graphics and our installation team installs them. We can create practically anything you want for your windows, walls, floors and more. Whether you are looking for your store hours installed on your storefront or a really intricate wall graphic that shows who your company is, Solar Art’s got your back. Not to worry, if you aren’t sure what you are looking for exactly, our graphics team can help you come up with and create the perfect custom graphics for your space! Custom graphics give you the flexibility to create anything you want for a very affordable price. Custom graphics can also easily be removed with no damage to the surface if you decide you no longer want them or you move office space. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, window security film, anti graffiti film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in getting custom graphics installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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