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Custom Graphics Installation at Cal Poly Pomona     

Solar Art installed several custom graphics to Cal Poly Pomona! Seeing as this is a school, there is a ton of glass throughout the entire campus. They were looking for custom graphics in the conference rooms and a few of the offices in the administration building. They had an idea of what they were looking for, and needed Solar Art’s help to make it happen. They weren’t looking to reduce heat or reduce glare in the space, they were looking to add lettering and custom designs to their glass. Seeing as this is a large administration building, there are a lot of students coming in and out throughout the day. They have a lot of offices that serve different purposes and they were noticing students were having a difficult time navigating and finding where they need to be. With that being said, when it came to the offices, the school was looking for custom graphics to clearly show what each office does.

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Benefits of Custom Graphics

The customer didn’t want anything that would completely block what’s going on in the offices. They just wanted something that would simply advertise each office. With that being said, they decided to install frosted window film on the second surface of the glass and the custom graphics on the first surface. Each office was labeled with exactly what the office does along with the logo and is very easy to read on the frosted window film.They installed the same type of custom graphics to other offices and conference rooms. The same type of lettering was installed throughout the building, but the faculty was given the choice of what color they want the custom lettering in. The school was really happy with the results of the installation. The building had a uniform look with all of the custom graphics that were installed and the offices were clearly labeled for students to find where they are supposed to go. If the offices get changed around or they decide they don’t want them anymore, they custom graphics can easily be removed with no damage to the glass. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film, and exterior building wraps throughout the West Coast. If you are interested in getting custom graphics installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!  

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