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Custom Wall Art Installation in San Diego, California  

Solar Art installed custom wall art to Constellation Behavioral Health, a commercial location in San Diego, California. The customer already had a band of frosted window film installed to their conference room, but they weren’t happy with it. They thought the band was too large and they were looking for a way to advertise the company logo. They reached out to Solar Art to see what their different options were to incorporate their company logo. They worked with our sales representative and graphics specialist to figure out what would work best for them.

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They decided to have another band of frosted window film installed, but wanted to have this one be a few inches smaller. They wanted more natural light to come into the conference room. They also had a custom cut logo installed to the conference room. They were able to keep increased privacy while still branding the company. In addition to the conference room, they had Llumar frosted window film installed to office side lites. This would keep a clean and uniform look throughout the office while also giving the private offices increased privacy. It was a win-win-win situation. Both decorative window film and custom wall are are easily removable, reduce heat and block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Custom wall art can be installed to several surfaces including glass, walls, floor, metal and more! The customer was extremely happy with the way the installation turned out. Their office had a clean, modern and uniform look. In addition to decorative window film and custom wall art, Solar Art services solar film, security window film, anti graffiti film that work great in both residential and commercial settings. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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Custom wall art gives you the flexibility to create whatever you like! You can brand your company or increase privacy. They work great in both residential and commercial settings. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote! 

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