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Solar Films

We make glass efficient. By blocking heat and sunlight your windows become a way to gain energy savings for your home.


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We make glass stronger. Protect your glass with safety and security window film!



We make glass safer. Protect your glass from vandals with anti-graffiti film!


Custom Graphics

We make glass exciting. Install decorative film for windows or custom printed graphics to enhance your glass!


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We make glass sexy. Exterior window film and vinyls modernize the look of your building, here's how!

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Decorative Window Film Installations for Anaheim Residents

llumar-frost-bandAn instant way to create privacy or enhance the look of your home or office is through the use of decorative window glass film. Additionally, decorative window film will reduce the level UV rays entering your home that can damage carpet and furniture.

Solar Art is the name to know in Anaheim, CA for professional installation of decorative window film. Being an experienced company, we install decorative window film on stained glass in the following places:

  • Living areas of a home
  • Reception area
  • Private offices
  • Conference rooms

We have a large selection of patterns of decorative window film. Selecting the right for your home or office will be easy.  But if you are unsure our design consultants will be happy to help you with your selection.  Couple our excellent customer service with our affordable pricing and you have the right combination to work with.

Pattern, Opaque & Frosted Window Film in Anaheim

llumar-stripesIt might not be easy to choose the frosted window film. The range of products available on in the market is amazing. It is important to work with someone who understands the different types of window film available. Is a pattern or an opaque right for you? Let us help you select the right one and install it professionally for you. You can call us to handle the installation different types of window film including:

  • Dusted crystal
  • Vinyl and frost logos
  • Frosted bands
  • Distraction strips

What can you do about the decorative window film that no longer fits? We can help there too! The decorative window film we install is removable. You are able to change it at any time. Our trained staff is here to help you achieve the look you want.

Frosted Glass Film Options for Anaheim Home and Business

Solyx-Frosted-Squares-SXC-4410When it is about providing privacy in your home or office, you should choose to have frosted glass films installed. Frosted glass film comes in different patterns and degrees of privacy. You can select the exact frosted glass film that fits your needs.

But it will look only as good as the company you work with. You want them to be experienced in the installation of frosted glass film. You should choose us for installing the frosted glass film in Anaheim as we:

  • Are experienced
  • Offer highly quality workmanship
  • Have skilled workforce

Call Solar Art at (949) 407-8589 for the installation or repair of decorative window films in Anaheim.