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El Cajon, California

Decorative Window Film Installation at an Office in El Cajon, California       

Solar Art installed decorative window film to an office in El Cajon, California! The building is really open concept and the only sectioned off part is the conference room on the first floor. With that being said, privacy is obviously pretty limited. The business owner liked how open the office is because it creates a collaborative and welcoming environment. Employees are easily able to work together on projects and don’t have to feel separated from everyone else. However, while they do like having an open concept office, they didn’t like the lack of privacy in the conference room. Sometimes there are conversations and topics that need more privacy and confidentiality. The conference room in the building is located on the first floor next to all of the desks. The conference room has large glass windows and doors and has no privacy whatsoever. Anyone walking by or sitting outside the room can easily see right in and see what is being presented. The business owner was interested in increasing privacy to the conference room and did some research on window treatments to see what different options they have. In their research, they found a few things that peaked their interest and window film was one of them. They called up Solar Art to learn more and see if it would work for their conference room! Our sales representative met the customer at the office and brought different decorative window film samples since the customer is interested in increased privacy.

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Benefits of Decorative Window Film 

One of the great things about decorative window film is the amount of options you have. When it comes to decorative window film, you can choose from a solid option or you can choose from different shapes and designs. The options are endless! Another benefit of decorative window film is you can choose if you want it to be installed full coverage or partial coverage. Full coverage is when you install the window film to the entire pane of glass. If you don’t want to cover the glass completely, you can install a frosted band. A frosted band will still give you privacy, but will also still allow some visibility and natural light. You also have the ability to choose how big or small you would like the band to be. Or, you could install multiple bands if you wanted to add a decorative design. I told you the options are endless! After seeing the different samples and learning about the different options they had, the customer decided to go with a standard frosted window film. They liked the amount of privacy it offered and they felt like it matched with the overall look of the office. The customer decided they didn’t want to install the frosted window film to the entire glass because they still wanted to allow in some visibility. Their main goal was to cover the TV screen. With that being said, they decided to install a frosted window film band at eye level. This would increase privacy and confidentiality, without completely closing off the conference room. If the business ends up moving locations or the business owner decides they want the decorative window film removed later down the road, no problem! Decorative window film can easily be removed with no damage to the glass. In addition to decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in getting decorative window film installed to your office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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