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Hollywood, California 

Decorative Window Film Installation at an Office in Hollywood, California

Solar Art installed decorative window film to a business in Hollywood, California. This customer just finished completely redoing their office. From top to bottom, their space was brand new and modern. With that being said, they have multiple conference rooms throughout the office that are made of only glass. If you keep up with our case studies or have read a few of our decorative window film ones, you have probably noticed that a lot of customers install decorative window film to increase privacy in their conference rooms. A lot of customers add frosted window film because they don’t want outsiders being able to see into confidential meetings. This customer, however, was quite the opposite. They loved their modern conference rooms made completely of glass. They didn’t want to increase privacy at all. They were however having one problem with their all glass conference rooms. Employees are constantly running into the glass. You might not think it would happen a lot, but it does. If people are looking down and not paying attention, it is very easy to not realize the conference room is all glass.

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Benefits of Decorative Window Film

With that being said, the customer was looking for a way to add a minimal distraction pattern to increase safety throughout the office for employees. They didn’t want a frosted window film or anything that would prevent people from seeing in or out. They reached out to Solar Art to learn what their different window film options are. Our sales representative worked with the customer and showed them some samples of different decorative window film options. When it comes to decorative window film, you can choose from a wide variety of different shapes and designs. The customer didn’t see what they were looking for exactly, so they decided to go with custom graphics instead. They explained to our graphics specialist what they were envisioning exactly, and we made it happen! They were looking for simple, subtle lines to be installed at eye level, which is exactly what they got. They were extremely happy with the end result of the installation. They were able to keep their modern conference rooms and still allow full visibility in and out, while increasing privacy. If later on down the road when employees are used to the glass they decide they want to remove the custom graphics, they can easily with no damage to the glass at all. In addition to custom graphics and decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. We do both residential and commercial installations all throughout the west coast. If you are interested in getting custom graphics or decorative window film installed, contact Solar Art for a free window film quote!

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