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Decorative Window Film Installation at an Office in Seattle, Washington

Solar Art installed a decorative window film to an office in Seattle, Washington! This is a pretty big office that has a lot of interior glass. The office has glass walls in conference rooms and private offices as well as glass in break rooms and storage rooms. As I’m sure you can guess, privacy is a big issue in this business. People that walk by the private offices and the conference room have full visibility and can easily see everything that is being presented. With that being said, they were looking for some way to increase privacy. Seeing as it’s all interior glass, blinds or shades wouldn’t really work for this office. The customer came across window film and wanted to learn more about it to see if it would be a good fit for their office and what they were looking for. Just like always, our sales estimator met with the customer at the office and brought samples and sample books that the customer could look through and see what they liked and what they didn’t like. Seeing that the customer’s biggest concern was privacy, solar film wouldn’t fit for this project. Our sales estimator showed the customer different decorative window film samples for their office space! 

Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is great because of all the different options you have. Especially if you are uncertain of what you are looking for, you have a ton of options with decorative window film. You could choose a standard frosted window film that will have maximum privacy. Or, you could choose from a pattern like squares or stripes if you want more of a design factor. After listening to our sales estimator and seeing different decorative window film samples, this customer decided they liked one made by Llumar called Frosted Squares. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Frosted Squares all next to each other. This decorative window film is not only going to significantly increase privacy, but it also adds a cool design factor throughout the office. Since the customer was looking to have more privacy in the conference room and the private offices, they had the decorative window film installed full coverage. What that means is the decorative window film is going to cover the entire piece of glass. It's going to provide maximum privacy and make it difficult for people walking by to see into the rooms and see what is being presented. On the break rooms and the storage rooms, privacy was less of a concern so the customer decided to only have a band of decorative window film installed, instead of full coverage. As you can see from the second photo, there is still visibility into those rooms and there is a lot of natural light that is still let in. In addition to decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, window security film, anti graffiti film, and building wraps. If you are interested in getting a decorative window film installed to your commercial building, contact Solar Art today for a fast, free quote! 

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