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Decorative Window Film Installation at a Doctor's Office in Kitsap, Washington

Solar Art installed decorative window film to a doctor’s office in Kitsap, Washington! As you can imagine, doctor’s offices are constantly looking for ways to increase privacy for patient confidentiality. This office was no different, but they also wanted increased privacy for their employees. The actual exam rooms have solid doors so privacy isn’t really an issue in that aspect. They do however have private offices, storage rooms, and break rooms throughout the office that have glass windows. The customer was looking to increase privacy on those windows throughout the office. Seeing as it is a doctor’s office, blinds and shades wouldn’t really work for these windows, mainly because it is all interior glass and heat isn’t a problem. The customer came across Solar Art’s decorative window film page when doing research on how to fix this privacy problem and requested a free quote to learn more! We do a lot of decorative window film installations in both commercial settings and homes. The main reasons why people typically want to install decorative window film for privacy and decorative reasons. This customer was no different. They obviously wanted increased privacy, but when they met with our sales representative, they became really interested in adding a design factor as well.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film 

Doctor’s offices are notoriously cold and uninviting. The customer was interested in finding a window film that would help create a more welcoming environment. Often times when Solar Art is talking about decorative window film, we talk about how you can choose from stripes, dots, other geometric shapes and more. More often than not we end up talking about the stripes and the dots because they are what’s most commonly installed. For great reason though, because they create a clean look while also increasing privacy. However, for this customer we get to talk about the “other geometric shapes!” When looking through the sample books of all the decorative window films out there, the customer really liked Solyx Crayon. This is a really cool decorative window film. It has shapes of people, houses, boats, cars, and looks like it was drawn in crayon. It's a really fun window film that is also going to significantly increase privacy. The customer thought this design was really appropriate for their office and would fit well. As you can see from the photo, even when you stand right up in front of the film you can barely see inside the room. Needless to say the customer was really happy with the results of the installation! We always say it, but you really do have so many different options when it comes to decorative window film which is really cool. In addition to decorative window film, Solar Art also does solar film, custom graphic, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wrap installations to residential and commercial settings throughout the West Coast. If you are interested in getting decorative window film installed to your commercial office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote! 

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