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Pacific Beach, California 

Decorative Window Film Installation in Pacific Beach, California

Solar Art installed decorative window film to an office in Pacific Beach, California! This is a brand new office space that the customer was moving into. The building was brand new and there was a ton of construction. The customer realized how much glass was in the building from the conference rooms to the break rooms to private offices. While some of our customers really like glass in the office space because of the modern look it gives, this customer was a little different. They actually didn’t like the look of the glass at all. Not only did they not like the look, they didn’t like the lack of privacy it offered. They knew that they wanted some sort of decorative window film to be installed on all of the glass so they reached out to Solar Art to see what different options they have when it comes to decorative window film

Benefits of Decorative Window Film 

Our sales representative met the customer at the office to take a look at the glass. When he got there he realized how much construction was going on in the buildings. There was dust everywhere, which is not good for window film. It can get trapped under the film and does not make for a clean install. Window film needs to be the very last thing on your construction list. With that being said, our sales representative showed the customer different samples and options of decorative window film but we didn’t do the installation until the construction was finished. The business owner ended up choosing a really opaque and intricate decorative window film for maximum privacy. They also decided to have a small reveal every few inches for an added decorative design. They did this on all of the glass throughout the entire office. They wanted the office to have a uniform look and they didn’t want any clear glass on its own. The decorative window film can easily be removed from the glass if they decide they no longer want it down the road or if they end up moving offices. In addition to decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps throughout the entire West Coast. If you are interested in getting decorative window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today for a fast and free quote!  

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