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Dry Erase Film Installation at USC in Los Angeles, California

Solar Art installed dry erase film to the USC City Union Bank in Los Angeles, California! We are lucky enough to do a ton of work with USC. We have helped them with a variety of different issues in the past including privacy, security, heat and glare. This particular project was a request for decorative window film, specifically dry erase film. The City Union Bank was looking for dry erase film for one of the private offices. This particular employee has a job that includes a lot of research, writing things out, and working closely with both other employees as well as customers. They were looking for a dry erase board so they could easily write things out, but they don’t have room for an actual dry erase board in the office. One of the other times Solar Art went out to USC, we showed them different decorative window film samples, one of which was dry erase film. The customer remembered that and thought dry erase film would be perfect for this private office. They called up Solar Art and requested a free quote from our sales estimator. Our sales representative met the customer at the office with with dry erase film samples to talk to them about what their different options are!  

Benefits of Dry Erase Film

When it comes to dry erase film you have a few different options. There is dry erase film for both windows and walls. They are both applied directly onto the glass surface and can easily be written on with dry erase markers and can be erased just as easily. The customer thought dry erase film for walls would be the perfect fit for this office because there is a big blank wall right behind the computer screens. This would allow the employee to have easy access to the dry erase film and allow for optimal use. From there, once the customer decided they were interested in dry erase film for walls, they were able to choose the shade and style they wanted. When it comes to dry erase film for walls, you can choose from a white dry erase film, clear dry erase film, chalkboard black dry erase film, different frosted dry erase film, and grid dry erase film. After learning about all the different options, the customer decided the white dry erase film was the best fit for the office. From there, our installation crew went onsite and installed the dry erase film to the private office. The employee was really happy with the results of the installation. They were able to easily utilize the dry erase film and it was a really easy way to increase productivity and learning for the whole office. If the offices get switched around or the customer decides they no longer want the dry erase film, it can be removed from the wall. In addition to dry erase film and decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting dry erase film installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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