3M Prestige Window Film

San Diego, California

3M Prestige Window Film Installation in San Diego, California

Solar Art installed a 3M Prestige window film to a home in San Diego, California! The customer has single-pane windows that let a lot of heat through. The house was uncomfortably hot in nearly every single room and the homeowner was turning to the air conditioner more and more, especially during these hot summer months. This customer works at a glass company so they are familiar with window film and thought it might be a good fit for the glass in their home. The homeowner didn’t want to compromise any of their views outside, which is another reason they thought window film would be a good fit. The customer researched window film companies near them and came across Solar Art’s website. They decided to reach out for a free quote to learn more about window film and see if it’s a good solution to their home heat problems!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this project were to meet with the customer to learn more about the problems they are having and to help them find a solution to reduce heat throughout the house. Our sales representative for our Orange County and San Diego office, Jeff, met with the customer at the home to take a look at the windows in question and to get more details about the project. When Jeff met with the homeowner he expressed that the heat radiates through the single pane glass, especially in the afternoon. The dining room gets the worst heat and is so uncomfortably hot to be in, they don’t use the room as much anymore. The homeowner wanted to reduce heat that comes through the glass without compromising any of their views outside. Jeff took measurements of the dining room glass as well as other rooms that are experiencing a lot of heat. He talked with the customer about solar film and the different options they have for their home to help reduce heat.

Solar Art's Recommendations

Since maintaining views was a top priority for the client, Jeff suggested a ceramic or non-metalized window film to maintain all views. The customer is in the glass company, he is familiar with certain window film manufacturers and was interested in 3M, who does carry non-metalized window film. Since the customer was interested in 3M, Jeff suggested the 3M Prestige window film line. He suggested 3M Prestige window film because it doesn’t contain any metal, it isn’t going to hinder any views outside, and it is also an extreme heat blocking window film. He also chose the 3M Prestige line because it isn’t going to drastically change the look of the home. The homeowner doesn’t have to install it to all of the glass throughout the home. They can only install it to the dining room glass or specific rooms that are experiencing extreme heat and it isn’t going to change the overall look of the home or make it look uniform from the exterior.

What the Customer Chose

After talking with Jeff and hearing about all of the different home window tinting options there are, the customer decided to take Jeff’s recommendation and install 3M Prestige window film, specifically 3M Prestige 60. This 3M Prestige window film blocks 53% of heat, 32% of glare, and 99% of UVA and UVB rays. UVA and UVB rays are the leading cause of sun fading, so by blocking 99%, the customer's furniture, flooring, and belongings are being protected from the sun. Blocking 53% of heat is going to make a noticeable difference in the home. The home should be cooler and the customer shouldn’t have to turn to the air conditioner as much. This will ultimately lower the electricity bill and make the home more energy-efficient. 3M Prestige 60 has low reflectivity so it isn’t going to drastically change the look of the home and the views outside aren’t going to be hindered whatsoever!

Results of the Window Film Installation

The homeowner decided to only install the 3M Prestige window film to the dining room windows to help with the heat. This installation ended up being 100 square feet of 3M Prestige window film and took 2.5 hours to complete. The customer was very satisfied with the outcome of the installation because heat was reduced, their home was more comfortable, and they didn't’ lose any of their outside views. In addition to 3M Prestige window film and solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti-graffiti film, window security film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about 3M Prestige window film, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

Project Details


San Diego, California

Type of Film:

3M Prestige Window Film

Square Feet of Project:

100 sf.

Installation Time:

2.5 hours of install

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