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Long Beach, California

Huper Optik Tint Installation at a Gym in Long Beach, California 

Hello business owners! We have another case study for you! Do your employees or guests ever complain about the heat or glare? Is your office space stuffy and uncomfortable? What about productivity? Does it ever go down because of heat and glare issues? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are going to want to continue reading. This particular customer owns a gym in the Long Beach, California area. The gym has an entryway with tables for customers to use and enjoy as well as desks where employees sit. This front entryway faces the storefront of the building, which is made entirely of glass. A ton of heat and glare radiate through the glass throughout the entire day, which makes the building hot and uncomfortable. The late afternoon hours are the worst, especially when it comes to glare. The employees that work in the front of the building have a difficult time seeing their computer screens because of the glare and they are uncomfortable most of the day because of the heat.

With that being said, the business owner was looking for a solution to the heat and glare issue in the storefront area of the building. While they wanted to fix the heat and glare issue, they still wanted the ability for people outside to still be able to see inside. They wanted the ability to show off their beautiful facilities to potential customers walking by.  The business owner decided to do some research online in regards to different ways to reduce heat and reduce glare in an office setting. In his research, he came across blinds, shutters, shades and window film. Since the business wonder still wanted the ability to see in and out of the glass, he felt window film might be the best option. From there, he looked up window film companies near him and came across Solar Art’s website. He decided to reach out for a free quote to learn more about it! 

Solar Art's Goals

Just like you have probably read in our past case studies, our sales representative met the business owner at the gym to take a look at the glass and learn more about what the customer is looking for exactly. When our sales representative met with the business owner, he told him that the main goals for the project were to install a light window film where you can still see in and out, which reduces both heat and glare. The customer was interested in reducing the maximum amount of heat and glare to increase the comfort of his employees and customers. Solar Art’s goals for this project were pretty straightforward and simple: help the customer reduce heat and glare without losing visibility in or out of the building. 

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Solar Art's Suggestions

Our sales representative started by first educating the customer on window film. He explained how there are different kinds of window films available and how they each will provide different benefits. From there he showed the customer samples of some of the different solar film options they can go in for their gym. Our sales representative suggested Huper Optik Energy Saving Performance 35 and Madico Optivision 25. He suggested these two window films because they both are high performing solar films that will reduce heat and reduce glare, while still providing the ability to see in and out of the glass. Our sales representative explained the benefits of each of these window films in detail so the customer could decide if it might be a good fit for their gym.

What the Customer Chose

After working with our sales representative, hearing his suggestions, and learning about the details of each, he decided to take our sales representative’s suggestion and go with the Huper Optik ESC 35 option. The business owner ultimately chose this window film because it has a natural look and it is the better quality window film material. The Madico Optivision 35 option has a slightly reflective look to it that they didn’t like. The business owner wanted to fully be able to see in and out of the building. The Huper Optik tint option the business owner chose blocks 60% of heat, 61% of glare and 99.9% of UV light rejection. This will significantly help with the amount of heat and glare that enters the building.

The employees and guests at the front of the space should be cool and comfortable at all times during the day. The days of annoying glare blocking your computer screen are over. UVA and UVB rays are the leading cause of sun fading, so the customer can have peace of mind knowing that not only is heat and glare being blocked, their valuable belongings and furniture are being protected from sun fading. Not to mention, this window film is called Energy Saver, so it’s going to help conserve energy and lower the electricity bill. It’s a no brainer. The customer was excited about the installation because the window film they chose checked off all their boxes and was exactly what they were looking for! 

Results of the Window Film Installation

Overall, this installation was a huge success! Solar Art sees heat and glare issues every single day. Every day so many people are suffering from the heat and the glare when they don’t have to. This installation ended up being 241 square feet and took one installer five hours to complete. We asked Peter, the sales representative that worked on this job and met with the business owner what his overall thoughts on the project were. He said, “The Huper Optik Ceramic 35 should provide the customer with the comfort from the heat and glare, while still giving their clients a good view of the entrance lobby from the outside.”

Overall, this was a pretty straightforward installation and we were happy we could help the customer find a window film that was perfect for their building. In addition to Huper Optik tint and solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film, and exterior building wraps. If you are experiencing any of these issues or are interested in learning more about Huper Optik tint, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

Project Details


Long Beach, California

Type of Film:

Huper Optik Tint

Square Feet of Project:

241 sf.

Installation Time:

1 day of install

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