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Los Angeles, California

Window Security Film at a Home in Los Angeles, California

Solar Art does a lot of home window tinting installations and the majority of them are for solar film, for good reason of course. A lot of homes, especially in California, experience extreme heat and glare throughout the entire year. But, heat and glare rejection aren’t the only ways window film can benefit homes. Most homeowners have some sort of security system as security is a top priority. Homeowners will often have alarm systems, video cameras, etc. But, what a lot of homeowners don’t know is that there is a type of window film that is an affordable addition to their already existing security system: window security film. This homeowner was looking for an addition to their security system to make sure the home and family is as safe and secure as possible. In doing research, he came across Solar Art’s website and read about residential window security film installations. After reading through it, he decided to reach out to Solar Art to get a free consultation and see if window security film would be a good addition to the home!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s first goal for this project was to meet with the customer at the home to get more of an understanding of what is trying to accomplish and educate on the different options available for window security film. When our sales representative met the customer at the home he learned that they were interested in adding window security film to all of the glass in the home to protect against intruders and home invasion. Our sales representative started by taking exact measurements of all of the glass to provide the customer with an accurate quote. From there, he talked with the customer about all of the different options they have and discussed the benefits of each. The biggest difference between the different window security film options is the thickness. The thicker the window security film, the harder it is to get through. There are also different shades of window security film available. There are clear security window films, reflective security window films, and neutral security window films. Our sales representative showed the customer different window film samples that they could hold up to their glass to get an idea of what it would look like.

Solar Art's Recommendations

After meeting with the customer and hearing more about what they were looking for in window security film, our sales representative made some recommendations. He recommended 3M Ultra S800 which is a standard security film. It isn’t the thickest on the market like you would see for banks or schools, but it works great for residential settings. It is a clear security window film that isn’t going to change the look or the aesthetic of the home. People walking by aren’t going to be able to notice it’s there and the homeowner will still have full views outside. Our sales representative suggested 3M Ultra S800 because it will increase the safety and security of the home for an affordable price.

What the Customer Chose

After meeting with our sales representative and learning about the different window security film options available, they decided to take our sales representative’s suggestion and go with the 3M Ultra S800! The customer felt it was the perfect fit for their home. 3M S800 is an 8 mil window security film that is going to strengthen the home’s glass by 2-3 times and prolongs forced entry time. According to 3M’s specification card, it improves personal property and asset protection from hurricanes, blasts, and earthquakes, and deters smash and grab burglaries. Prolonging forced entry time allows more time for help to arrive in the case of an emergency. Window security film also holds shattered glass together, which also increases safety and security. 

Results of the Window Film Installation

The customer thought this window security film was the perfect addition to their already existing security system and decided to install it to the glass in the living room, front door, office, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and master bedroom! The installation ended up being 34 panes of glass and 173 square feet of window security film. It took 8 hours to complete. In addition to window security film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, anti-graffiti film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about window security film, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

Project Details


Los Angeles, California

Type of Film:

Window Security Film

Square Feet of Project:

173 sf.

Installation Time:

1 day of install

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