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San Diego, California

Window Security Film at a Home in San Diego, California

When we talk about window security film it’s often for commercial spaces, but did you know that Solar Art also frequently installs window security film to residences? Well, we do, and here is an example that you can read about! This homeowner has a home in San Diego, California and he was interested in adding on to this existing home security system. The customer already has security cameras and an alarm but was researching additional ways to add to the home security and came across Solar Art’s website. He read about window security film for homes and thought it was just the addition he was looking for. Since he didn’t know anything about window security film, he decided to request a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about window security film and see if it would be a good fit for his home! 

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art had a few goals for this project. The first was to meet the customer at their house to take a look at the glass, take measurements, and provide them with an accurate quote. Our second goal was to educate the customer on the different window security film options available on the market and to discuss how it could benefit their home as an addition to their security system. Ultimately, our biggest goal was to help them find a window film that would help them achieve their goals and add security to their home.

Solar Art's Recommendations

When our sales representative met the customer at the home, she asked some questions about what the customer was looking for exactly. The customer expressed that he was looking for an addition to his existing home security system to make the home as safe as possible. The homeowner wanted to protect the home from natural intruders and natural disasters. Our sales representative explained that when it comes to home intruders, glass windows are the main point of entry. Glass alone is easy to break through with little force. The customer also expressed that they were interested in a clear window security film so they could maintain their views and the aesthetic of the home wouldn’t change. After meeting with the customer and learning about what they were specifically looking for in window security film, our sales representative suggested 3M Ultra S800. She recommended this window security film because she felt that it checked off a lot of the boxes the customer was looking for.

What the Customer Chose

After meeting with our sales representative, learning about the different window security film available on the market, and hearing her suggestions, the customer decided to go with the 3M Ultra S800! He agreed that this window security film would be the best fit for the home. 3M S800 is a clear window security film that strengthens glass by 2-3 times. It is installed directly onto the glass surface and can be installed with a silicone attachment for even more strength. 3M S800 prolongs forced entry time, meaning it takes longer to break through. By prolonging forced entry time, you are allowing more time for help to arrive on the scene. Window security film protects against intruders as well as natural disasters, which was exactly what the customer was looking for.

Results of the Window Film Installation

The customer was really excited about window security film and thought it was the perfect addition to their existing home security system! The homeowner ended up installing the 3M Ultra S800 to the glass in the stairway, living room, bedrooms, doors, bathroom, and downstairs windows! The installation ended up being 429 square feet of window security film and took a team of installers two days to complete! In addition to home window security film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, anti-graffiti film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about window security film for your home, contact Solar Art today for a free, no-obligation consultation just like this customer did!

Project Details


San Diego, California

Type of Film:

Window Security Film - 3M Ultra S800

Square Feet of Project:

429 sf.

Installation Time:

2 days of install

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