Exterior Building Wraps Los Angeles 

Exterior building wraps are one of our specialties. Solar Art will work with your Architect's design or our in-house design team can come up with a fresh new way to change building look.

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Modern Building Designs

Our process of wrapping a building utilizes multiple types of materials that we professionally install to the exterior surface of a building. We cover the glass with exterior window tint, cover spandrel glass with vinyl wrap colors and paint the mullions with exterior paint offered in various finishes. How does this benefit you as a Building Owner or Property Manager?

Building Wraps will:

  • Change the look of your building
  • Increase the efficiency of your glass
  • Create a comfortable environment for your occupants 
  • Aesthetically make your property more attractive to potential tenants or buyers

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Exterior Window Films

Many buildings have an inconsistent look from the exterior due to blinds or shades being up or down. Exterior window tint can help hide this inconsistency and give your building a more uniform and clean look on the outside. The window tint also provides a level of privacy for your tenants and can reduce distractions from harsh glare. By blocking the extra sunlight coming into the building you can keep the building's thermostat low, increase building efficiency and improve occupant comfort. You may also be eligible for a utility rebate through your local utility company.

Exterior window films come in various shades and colors. Click each color below to see the finished product!

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Vinyl Building Wraps

Other than films for glass, a key design factor to change the look of a building includes vinyl wrap film materials used to wrap other exterior surfaces of a building like spandrel glass. By adding vinyl wraps or vinyl films of various colors or patterns, we have the ability to re-design your whole building facade that will wow potential tenants or buyers. We can produce any current design you have in mind or you can  work with our in house design team to come with a unique design specific for your building. Our Exterior Vinyl Wraps have up to a 10 year warranty.


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Industrial Facade Paints

In addition to upgrading the exterior vision glass and spandrel surfaces on a building, painting other surfaces to incorporate into the glass design can give the building a whole new look. 

Some of these surfaces we can restore along with our glass products are:


  • Window Mullions
  • Doors
  • Aluminum Surfaces
  • Concrete Surfaces
  • Wood Surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces
Benefits of adding paint to exisiting surfaces:


  • Fast and easy application
  • Rejuvinates and protects surfaces that are faded or oxidized
  • Can be wiped, rolled or sprayed
  • Up to 5 year warranty on all exterior paints
  • Paint protects surfaces from UV rays and outdoor elements to extend their lifespan