Orange County Probation Office 

Anaheim, California 

Glare Reducing Window Film at the Orange County Probation Office in Anaheim, California

Solar Art installed glare reducing window film to the Orange County Probation Office in Anaheim, California! This office was having a huge problem with glare. The security officer sits right in the front and said the glare is unbearable, especially in the afternoon. He is unable to see his computer screen and the sun really hurts his eyes. The building owner wanted to fix this problem right away and was looking for a solution to the glare issue. The security guard still needed to be able to see out of the windows so blinds and shades were out of the question. They thought window film would be a good solution to hopefully fix the glare issue but still be able to see through the glass. They wanted to see what their options were and see samples of the window films so they called up Solar Art for a free estimate! Our estimator met with the customer on site during the afternoon so he could see the problem first hand and help come up with the best solution for the customer. The sales representative discussed the different options to see what he was really looking for. He let him know that when it comes to glare reducing window film and heat reducing window film, a reflective option is going to be the best.

Benefits of Glare Reducing Window Film 

Reflective window film looks like a one way mirror and will change the look of the space. The customer actually really liked that because not only was their glare issue going to be resolved, they were going to be able to increase privacy as well. The building owner liked the idea of outsiders not being able to see inside the building. When it comes to reflective window film, people won’t be able to see inside, but those inside will still be able to see out. After seeing all of the different glare reducing window film options they had, the customer decided to go with Madico Optivision 15. This glare reducing window film blocks 75% of heat, 84% of glare and blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This is going to make a significant difference for the customer. Since so much heat and glare is being blocked, electricity bills are lower and the building is more energy efficient. The customer loved this idea as it was exactly what they were looking for. Being as this is the Orange County Probation Office, there are a lot of people coming in and out of the building. They didn’t want to get in the way of anyone so the building owner decided to have the work done before the building opened in the morning. Solar Art is able to accommodate you if you need special hours. In addition to glare reducing window film, Solar Art also does decorative window film, custom graphic, security window film, anti graffiti film and exterior building wrap installations in California and Washington state. If you are interested in getting glare reducing window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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