Heat Blocking Window Film

Long Beach, California 

Heat Blocking Window Film Installation at a Home in Long Beach, California 

Solar Art installed heat blocking window film to a home in Long Beach, California! This customer as you can imagine, was having a serious problem with the heat. They have large glass windows that the sun just radiates through, making their home unbearably hot. As you can see from the photos, they tried installing curtains, but it didn’t help with their heat problem. On top of that, the curtains were not very appealing to look at. They also couldn’t get the curtains installed all the way to the top of the window, which meant that heat was still entering through the top of the window pane. When the curtains were shut, their room was dark and uninviting. Since they were unhappy with the curtain situation, they were looking for another solution to help reduce heat in their home. Their neighbor was having the same kind of problem and had heat blocking window film installed. They had great results from the installation. After hearing about their neighbors experience, this homeowner was interested in learning more. They called up Solar Art to see if heat blocking window film would work for the windows throughout their home!

Benefits of Heat Blocking Window Film 

When the customer first called Solar Art, explained the problem with the heat in their home. Our sales representative met with the customer at their home to take a look and show them what their options are when it comes to heat blocking window film. The first thing our sales representative noticed was that the interior of the glass is beveled. What that means is basically the interior of the glass doesn’t have a smooth surface. Window film unfortunately won’t adhere to beveled glass. The customer was upset that they couldn’t install heat blocking window film to the interior of the glass and were wondering if they have any other options. Our sales team let the customer know they can install an exterior window film to help with the heat issue since the exterior of the glass isn’t beveled. Exterior window films tend to be a little darker, but the customer was okay with that because they really wanted to reduce heat. The heat blocking window film they chose reduces 72% of glare, 73% of heat and 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The customer noticed a significant difference in the temperature of their home and were happy to get rid of the curtains. Heat blocking window film can be removed from glass surfaces with no damage to the glass whatsoever. In addition to heat blocking window film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting heat blocking window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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