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Home Window Film Installation in Los Angeles, California

Solar Art did a home window film installation in Los Angeles, California! The homeowner was actually looking for both increased security and increased privacy throughout their home. The customer wanted increased privacy in the main part of the home for the living room and the kitchen. They have large glass doors and windows that not only allow full visibility into their home, but is pretty easy to break through. They were looking for a way to increase security to this glass without having to cover it up. They weren’t interested in blinds or shades because it defeats the purpose of the glass. The homeowner was looking for a solution where they could still utilize the glass, but also have peace of mind that their home is safe. In addition to increasing security in the main house, the homeowner also wanted to increase privacy to the garage and the pool house. The homeowner didn’t want people walking by to easily be able to see in, especially when they aren’t home. The homeowner did some research for both of these issues and came across Solar Art’s website. After looking through our website, they realized that window film could be a solution for both of their issues. With that being said, they reached out to Solar Art to get a free window film quote!

Benefits of Home Window Film

Our estimator brought a wide range of window film samples with him when he met the customer on site. Our sales estimator started with the window security film samples for the main house glass and explained the benefits to the homeowner. Window security film is optically clear so the look of the home isn’t going to change at all. Security film is installed directly onto the glass surface and strengthens it by 2-3 times. It will hold shattered glass together and prolong force entry time, allowing more time for help to arrive. The customer thought this was the perfect fit for their home because they were increasing privacy without losing the natural light or views from the glass. From there our estimator showed the homeowner different decorative window film samples for the garage and the pool house. The customer didn’t like blackout window film or whiteout window film because they thought it looked too abrasive for a home. They did however like Llumar Dusted Crystal. Dusted Crystal looks very similar to frosted window film. It’s opaque and doesn’t allow people to see in or out. It greatly increases privacy and keeps a modern and clean look. After seeing all of the decorative window film options, the homeowner decided they liked that one best and had it installed to the garage and pool house. Both security window film and decorative window film is easily removable with no damage to the glass surface, if removed correctly by professionals. In addition to window security film and decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in home window film, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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