Casper Cloaking Film

LED Blocking Window Film

New cloaking film blocks content on your LED Screens. Custom graphic overlay options create an added element of design as well as increased privacy. Now get just the right balance between visibility and privacy. Call now for a quote 800.995.7115

LED blocking window film allows for a private yet collaborative space!

An architectural film for glass that obscures digital LED screens to the outside view while still maintaining the view through the glass inside and out. The LED blocking film acts as a smart shield to provide data privacy allowing the mind to collaborate freely in the work environment. Casper Cloaking Film is the only technology of its kind.

Glass Applications: 

  • Installed on the inside glass surface of the room containing the display
  • Maintain visibility through glass except for the content on the LED screen
  • Recommended for conference rooms, meeting rooms, team studios
  • Engineered to work with most LED displays 40" or larger

Request cloaking film for your office

Grass Pattern.jpg

Choose an optional graphic pattern or create your own custom graphic overlay 

to compliment the cloaking film and add privacy designs


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