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Calling all retail store owners!! This case study is for you! You probably have a glass storefront so that people walking by can window shop or easily see into your store and the type of things you are selling, right? Do you ever have issues with your store being too hot because of how much heat radiates through the glass? Do you feel stuck because you don’t want to install blinds or shades and lose the glass storefront? If so, you aren’t alone. We see store owners almost everyday who have the same sort of problems, and this retail store owner was no different. Solar Art installed Llumar Air 80 to a retail store in Manhattan Beach, California! The store had a large glass storefront so people walking by can see what’s on display and what items the store has. They too didn’t want to get rid of the glass storefront, but their store was really hot and uncomfortable almost the entire day. They had heard about window film before but didn't know much about it or if it would be a good fit for their store. They researched a window film company near them and came across Solar Art’s website and requested a free quote! 

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Benefits of Llumar Air 80

Our sales representative met the store manager on site to take a look at the glass and learn a little more about what their goals were for the project. When our sales estimator got there he saw that they already have a custom graphic of their company logo on the exterior of the storefront glass. You don’t want to layer window film because it can ruin the installation, so the store was going to need an interior window film. This isn’t a problem considering most window films are installed on the interior. The customer was looking for a window film that would reduce heat and make their store more comfortable. However, they didn’t want the window film to have much of a tint to it because they wanted to keep the storefront as clear as possible so people can easily see into the store. Once our sales representative learned what the customer was looking for exactly, he instantly thought of Llumar Air 80. Llumar Air 80 is a solar film that is optically clear and is made with advanced nano-ceramic infra-red ray reducing technology. What this means is the solar film is about as clear as they come. The customer’s storefront isn’t going to be hindered at all and people walking by will easily be able to see into the store. Llumar Air 80 is going to block 45% of heat, 18% of glare and 99% of UVA and UVB rays from coming through the glass. Blocking 45% of heat is going to make a significant difference in the temperature of the store. The employees and customers should feel cooler and more comfortable without having to resort to the air conditioning. Blocking 18% of glare will also increase comfort as employees will easily be able to see their computer screens without having to deal with the annoying glare. A huge added benefit for this store is the fact that Llumar Air 80 blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of sun fading. This is great for a retail store because they always have a lot of really expensive clothes out for display and they get faded from the sun. Blocking these ultraviolet rays is going to extend the lifespan of their valuables, fabrics and furniture. The customer was extremely happy with the results of the installation because Llumar Air 80 checked off everything on their list. In addition to Llumar Air 80 and solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps. If you are a retail store owner that is having problems with your storefront getting too hot, or you are interested in learning more about Llumar Air 80, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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