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Protection Against Extreme Weather

Keep your building safe from storms, earthquakes and more.

Prevent Accidents

Increase safety by preventing glass shatter

Keeps Intruders Out

Prolong forced entry time and allow more time for help to arrive 

#1 Window Film Installers in Irvine, California

Business owners in Irvine, California often worry about their commercial space being broken into or damaged because of natural disasters. Security window film is added protection in addition to the security systems you already have. Security window film is applied fast without blocking your view out of that window, so you can continue enjoying the lovely sights across Irvine, California. Every variant of thickness fortifies your windows against break ins. In the event your window does take on damage, the glass will be held together by the window film, so you don’t need to worry about dangerous glass shards. Security window film in your business is a wise method to fortify and protect your windows in the event of natural disasters or unwanted intruders. In most cases of business break-ins, thieves enter using glass openings such as doors, windows or sidelights. It may take a few moments for them to enter through standard glass. Our security window film increases resistance of your current windows up to 3 times.


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