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Protection Against Debris

Protects debris from hitting your glass

Protection Against Natural Disasters

Protects against natural disasters like storms and earthquakes

Protection Against Intruders

Prolong forced entry time and allow more time for help to get there

Best Window Security Film Installers in Irvine, California

Security window film installs quickly and comes in a clear option so intruders won’t even know it’s there. Being that it comes in a clear option, your home won’t change aesthetically and your views won’t be compromised. If your glass does sustain damage, any tiny glass shards will be contained by the film, keeping loved ones safe. Safety and security film in your home in Irvine, California is a great method to fortify and help your windows against natural disasters or unwanted intruders. In most situations of invasion, burglars enter through glass openings such as doors, windows or sidelights. Our security window film increases the strength of your existing windows by 2-3 times. Security window film is the final piece of your security system. In addition to motion sensors and alarm systems, install security window film as added security to keep your family safe 24/7.


Security Window Film Installation Images

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