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99% UV Protection

Valuables will be protected from sun fading.

Up to 75% Reduced Heat

Solar film reduces your home's heat and can lead to a lower electricity bills.

Up to 75% Reduced Glare

Solar film reduces up to 75% of glare which makes it much easier to watch TV.

#1 Solar Film Installers in Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad, California is known for having gorgeous homes and being located in Southern California, the heat is pretty intense year round. These beautiful homes are constantly exposed to the sun and can really be affected by it. Having large glass windows in your home is a popular design, but it can come with consequences. While those beautiful windows let in a ton of natural light and show off those views you worked so hard for, they also let in significant heat. When the sun’s energy hits a window, solar radiation bounces off the glass, but lets a lot pass through the glass, making your home unbearably hot.

Solar film is a heat reducing window film that when installed properly can reduce up to 75% of heat that enters your home. This will make a noticeable difference to the point where you might be able to use your AC less and reduce your electricity bill. In addition to being a heat reducing window film, solar film can also reduce glare by up to 94% making your home much more comfortable for your family. Installing solar film will prevent glare from affecting your TV or computer screens! If you are interested in getting solar film installed to your home in Carlsbad, California, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!


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