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Custom Graphics Installation at the University  of California, Irvine

Solar Art installed custom graphics to the University of California, Irvine! The school was looking to increase privacy to conference rooms and glass walls surrounding the reception desk in the administrative building. They wanted increased privacy in this building because it is such a high trafficked area. Students and employees are constantly coming and going throughout all times of the day. The conference rooms hold important, confidential meetings everyday and the school really wanted increased privacy. They also felt increased privacy was needed in the reception area just because of how much is going on around it. While the customer did want increased privacy, they weren’t looking for the entire glass wall to be covered. They did still want some visibility into the spaces. Solar Art has been lucky enough to work with UCI in the past to install frosted window film to windows and doors in the dorms. They reached out to Solar Art to see if we could help them with the administrative building as well!

Benefits of Custom Graphics 

The school originally worked with our sales representative and described what they were looking for exactly. When our sales representative learned the customer wasn’t looking for full coverage privacy, they suggested installing custom graphics. The customer really liked that idea because they could get increased privacy as well as a custom design. From there, they worked with our in house graphics team to figure out what kind of custom graphics they wanted to have installed to the glass throughout the building. On all of the glass in the administrative building the customer decided to have a custom print of 25% white installed. This will greatly increase privacy in both the conference rooms and the reception area. On the conference room glass, the customer had a 3.5” band of the custom graphics installed followed by a 2” gap and then another 36” band. The 36” band was at eye level to maximum the privacy. In the reception area, the customer decided to have the custom graphics start 2” above the frame and stop 6’ above the floor. They wanted more privacy in this area than in the conference rooms. The custom graphics the customer chose to install in the administrative building increased privacy as well as created a custom, clean design. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting custom graphics installed, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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