San Diego Window Tinting

You won't find too many places in San Diego without sunshine. While the sun is comforting, the light coming into your house or business can cause damage to the inside after years of exposure. The ultraviolet light from the sun can bleach carpets, furniture, draperies and other items and heat up the space, making you turn up the cooling system. One efficient method for keeping your utility costs budget friendly, preserve your indoor items and provide some privacy to your area is with San Diego window tinting.


Energy Efficiency

Buildings throughout the U.S. are responsible for approximately 50% of carbon dioxide emissions. Such surprising figures show a need for more efficient energy use in homes and businesses throughout San Diego and the U.S..

A few of the perks include:

  • Decreased utility bills from improved heating and cooling efficiency
  • Utility rebates are typically offered through your local utility company


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Block Harmful Heat

Solar window tinting lowers additional heat by limiting solar radiation. Solar energy, consists of ultraviolet radiation, visible light and near-infrared radiation. 53% of the solar spectrum is made of near-infrared radiation, visible light 44% and ultraviolet 3%. When rays from the sun hit your window, the solar radiation is soaked up and some bounces off the window, but a majority of it passes through the glass. With so much radiation entering your home or office, you might need to turn up the cooling system. This boosts the utility prices for you and causes your property to require more energy.

Advantages include:

  • Boost the performance of the existing windows 
  • Deflect over three-fourths of the radiation coming in through your glass

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Reduce Glare

Sunlight can leave glare on items in your house or property such as televisions or desktop monitors. This makes it hard to see what you're doing at when working or relaxing. Reflective surfaces like the monitors on your electronics have better visibility without direct sunlight. Eliminating excess sunlight increases visibility for your devices in addition to making outside views clearer.

Solar window film will:

  • Decrease glare for better visibility out day or night
  • Block up to 94% of glare

Save Your Interiorprotect-from-fading-san-diego.png

The different types of energy in sunshine causes fading. San Diego window tinting eliminates 99% of the UV rays and heat found in sunshine to guard your interior without blocking light. Too much light and radiation can drain color from soft items and flooring in your house or business. Keep your interior looking bright and new with tinting provided by Solar Art.