Sandblast Window Film 

Laguna Beach, California 

Sandblast Window Film Installation at a Home in Laguna Beach, California

Solar Art installed sandblast window film to a home in Laguna Beach, California! The customer was looking for increased privacy on her front doors as well as a few windows throughout her home. The homeowner was looking for maximum privacy so people outside couldn’t see into her home. With that being said, she also didn’t want anything too harsh that would change the house's look. She was really interested in frosted glass or sandblasting glass, but quickly realized it was more expensive than what was budgeted. That’s when she did some research on what other options she had when she came across decorative window film from Solar Art. The customer reached out for a free quote to learn more about decorative window film, see if it is close to what she was looking for, and to see what the pricing is like! When the customer called for the free quote she told our operations manager what she was looking for. The information was relayed over to our field estimator who then knew to bring different decorative window film samples.

Benefits of Sandblast Window Film

Our field estimator met the customer at the home so he could show her the different decorative window film samples as well as take exact measurements of the glass. Our field estimator showed the homeowner all kinds of decorative window film, and told her that there is one called Sandblast, made by Llumar that looks a lot like sandblasted glass. The customer looked at the sample of sandblast window film and really liked it. She thought it was really close to what she was looking for originally and it was a much more affordable price. As you can see from the photo, sandblast window film looks textured and greatly increases privacy. You can’t see through the window film and neither can people outside the home. No one has visibility into the entry of the home which is exactly what the customer was looking for. Sandblast window film also has a really clean look and it isn’t going to drastically change the aesthetics of the home. In addition to the privacy benefits, sandblast window film will also block heat and glare as well as 99% of UVA and UVB rays, which are the leading cause of sun fading. The customer was extremely happy with the results of the installation as she got everything she was looking for, for an affordable price. In addition to sandblast window film and decorative window film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film, and building wraps. If you are interested in getting sandblast window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today free window film quote!

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