Solar Window Tinting in Buena Park

Improve the performance of your existing windows with heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction.

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Solar Films

We make glass efficient. By blocking heat and sunlight your windows become a way to gain energy savings for your home.


Safety and Security

We make glass stronger. Protect your glass with safety and security window film!



We make glass safer. Protect your glass from vandals with anti-graffiti film!


Custom Graphics

We make glass exciting. Install decorative film for windows or custom printed graphics to enhance your glass!


Building Wraps

We make glass sexy. Exterior window film and vinyls modernize the look of your building, here's how!

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Solar Film Installations for Buena Park Homes & Businesses

skylight-glass.jpgYour living or working environment is where you should feel comfortable. Excessive heat and glare can decrease the overall comfort of a room. That is when solar film can help. Solar film installation can make your home or business a comfortable space to be in throughout the year. Solar film is an invisible barrier that protects you from the negative effects of the sun.

Solar Art is among the top window film dealers in the U.S. We provide innovative solar film solutions to our clients in Buena Park, CA and its nearby areas. Our solar film installers have years of installation experience and are dedicated to providing:

  • Detail-oriented installations
  • Quality workmanship
  • Outstanding customer service

The Benefits of Solar Control Window Films in Buena Park

window-tint-san-clemente.jpgAre you experiencing unwanted heat gain and glare in a room? If yes, there are innovative solutions for you. By installing a solar window film, property owners in Buena Park can solve their issues with glaring sun.
When the harsh summers arrive, there is nothing worse than living or working in a hot space. A solar window film can provide protection against the sunlight while still allowing one to view the outdoors.

A solar window film is a great way to:

  • Block harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Control indoor temperatures
  • Reduce energy bills

Considering a solar window film for your Buena Park home or business? We have solutions for your solar window film needs.

Why Choose Us for a Solar Window Tint in Buena Park?

reduce-glare-laguna-niguel.jpgWe all know the damage that sun can cause, not only to our skin but to our furnishings and belongings. But not everyone wants to install room-darkening blinds or heavy curtains. A solar window tint is designed to block unwanted heat without sacrificing natural light. If you would also like to add privacy during the day, you can opt for a reflective solar window tint. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why so many property owners are considering a solar window tint installation in the Buena Park area.

We provide professional solar window tint installations for area homes and businesses. Professionally installed solar window tint looks better and performs well. Below are a few other benefits when you choose our professionals to install sun blocking window film:

  • No project is too big or small
  • Technical knowledge and expertise
  • Competitive rates

Call Solar Art at (949) 770-8969 to discuss your solar window film needs in Buena Park. We look forward to working with you!