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Solar Film Installation at the Garden Grove Library

Solar Art installed solar film to the Garden Grove Library in Garden Grove, California! The entire storefront of the library is made of glass and there are also glass walls that make up most of the perimeter of the library. The guests enjoy looking outside while they are reading or using the computers. Unfortunately, the library experiences the trifecta of problems that comes with having large glass windows and walls. The heat that radiates through the glass makes the entire building hot and uncomfortable. Guests have often complained about the temperature in the library. To try and fix the heat problem, the manager turns on the air conditioning, which does help with the heat problem, but in return makes their electricity really high. The glare that comes through the glass reflects off of computer screens and makes it really difficult to concentrate and get any work done. In addition to the heat and glare issues, the library carpet gets really sun faded. The library has had to replace it on several occasions and it can get really expensive, really quick. The manager of the library was tired of having a high electricity bill and uncomfortable guests so they were trying to find a solution to the problems. The manager did some research online when they came across window film. They found Solar Art’s website and reached out for a free window film quote.

Benefits of Solar Film

Our sales representative learned the customer was trying to reduce heat, reduce glare and protect against sun fading, so they brought different solar films for the customer to look through. Solar film would be the best solution to the problems the customer is having. Our sales representative educated the customer on the different solar films and the benefits they each offer. The customer liked the idea of having a little tint to the window film, so our sales representative showed the customer different neutral solar films. The customer really liked a solar film made by Llumar called N1020. This window film has low reflectivity and a neutral transmitted daylight color balance. It’s going to block 63% of heat, 74% of glare and 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This is going to make a significant difference in the temperature of the library. The manager shouldn’t have to turn to the air conditioner any more which should result in a lower electricity bill. Blocking 74% of glare will allow guests to work comfortably at computers throughout the entire day without having to worry about glare and not being able to see the computer screens. Lastly, UVA and UVB rays are the leading cause of sun fading. Blocking 99% of them is going to prolong sun fading and extend the lifespan of the library carpet. Not to mention, this solar film isn’t going to prevent guests from being able to see outside. They will still be able to completely enjoy the views while they are reading or working on the computer. The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the installation as they were able to get a solution to all of their problems. In addition to solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in getting solar film installed to your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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