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Improve the performance of your existing windows with heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction.

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We make glass efficient. By blocking heat and sunlight your windows become a way to gain energy savings for your home.


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Solar Film Installations for Santa Monica Homes & Businessesbest-solar-film-in-santa-monica

Wondering where to buy solar film in Santa Monica, CA? Solar Art is your source for top level solar film products and installations through Santa Monica and the surrounding cities. With our industry knowledge, you’re in good hands. Our experienced solar film installers have the experience necessary to add sun blocking removable window film to your home or business.

While this area is known for its beautiful weather, too much sun can be a bad thing. Solar film helps you enjoy the sunshine without suffering the downsides. With solar film, you’ll:

  • Eliminate 75% of heat entering your windows
  • Boost office or home privacy
  • Prevent fading of hardwood floors and carpeting

The Benefits of Solar Control Window Films in Santa Monica

Windows make for a bright, inviting space in your home or office, but they can also be a problem. Too much sunlight can turn a well-lit indoor space into an oven in no time. If you find your rooms are getting stuffy and overheated, there’s a simple solution . . . solar window film to block sun heat.

Using solar window film on your windows helps protect the space from unpleasant hot spots and fading caused by the sun, while still allowing light to flow in. Solar window film serves to reflect heat off the windows, so it never even reaches the interior of your Santa Monica office or home.

Solar window film also:

  • Prevents damaging UV rays
  • Reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Saves money through natural temperature control

If you’re thinking about buying solar window film, we’ve got the solar film solutions you need.

Why Choose Us for a Solar Window Tint in Santa Monica?


Each summer, home and business owners around Santa Monica crank up the air conditioning as temperatures rise. What they may not realize is the roll that their windows play in the excess heat. All that sunshine pouring through the windows is magnified and heats up enclosed spaces quickly. Instead of using curtains or blinds that will block out the view and natural light, why not use solar window tint to keep the sun out?

Solar window tint lets you:

  • Enjoy daylight without the glare
  • Reflect incoming heat and stay cooler indoors
  • Improves window functionality

You may even be eligible for a rebate from your utility company when you call Solar Art to install solar window tint in Santa Monica. We offer only top quality window tints, chosen to fit your specific needs.

Find out how you can add solar film to your Santa Monica home or business and call Solar Art today at (949) 407-8589.