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Tacoma, Washington 

Solar Film Installation at the Police Headquarters in Tacoma, Washington     

Solar Art installed solar film to the Tacoma Police Headquarters! Mainly in the summertime the police headquarters was having a problem with not only heat, but glare as well. As you can see from the photo, the majority of their building is comprised of glass. There are a ton of private offices and conference rooms that have large windows that let a ton of heat in, especially in the afternoons. Seeing as practically the entire building is made of glass, the exterior of the building has a really cool look. They didn’t want to install blinds or shades because it would completely change the aesthetics of the building, especially from the outside. If some employees have the blinds or shades up while others have them down, the building is going to look messy and not uniform from the outside. The police headquarters didn’t want to change the look of the building but really wanted to fix the heat and glare issue. Employees were uncomfortable and even becoming less productive because it was difficult to see their computer screens. They researched different window treatment options that wouldn’t change the look of the building and they came across an article by Solar Art talking about window film. They were instantly interested, so they reached out to learn more! 

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Benefits of Solar Film 

Since the customer’s main objective was to reduce heat and reduce glare without changing the aesthetics of the space, our sales representative first thought of different products made by Huper Optik. Huper Optik carries different ceramic window tints, which will reduce heat and glare without changing the look of the building. Our sales representative showed the customer different samples so they could see which one they liked best for their building. The customer ended up choosing Huper Optik Energy Saving Performance 35. This window film blocks 60% of heat, 61% of glare and 99.9% of UV rays. It is a significant heat blocking window film and glare reducing window film. Not to mention it’s an energy saving window film which means their building is going to be more energy efficient. They will be reaching for the air conditioning less, which means a lower electricity bill! Installing solar film may even qualify you for a rebate from your local utility company. The customer was really pleased with the outcome of the installation. As you can see from the photo their building has a still has a uniform look and you can clearly see the glass. The heat and glare were reduced and their employees were more comfortable! In addition to solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film, custom graphics and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in solar film for your home or office, call Solar Art today for a fast, free quote!


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