Solar Window Tinting in Orange County, CA

Orange County is famous for sunshine filled days and beautiful weather, but the light and heat can drain color from the inside of your house or office if left untreated. The radiation and ultraviolet light found in sunlight can discolor flooring, furniture, draperies and other possessions and heat up the room, causing you to turn up the cooling system. For residences and commercial properties across the Orange County area, solar window tinting is an effective choice for protecting your things, keeping HVAC costs low and adding some privacy to your space.


Less Energy Consumption Through Windows

Homes and businesses throughout the U.S. account for approximately 40% of the national energy consumption. With buildings across Orange County taking up so much energy, any method to budget power is a smart idea.

Solar window tinting delivers:

  • Decreased electricity costs from better HVAC operation
  • Rebates are usually offered from utility companies


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Heat Rejection

Solar radiation is the energy the sun gives off that can harm your home or business. With tinted window film, you can avoid excess energy from solar radiation. Ultraviolet, or UV radiation, visible light and near-infrared radiation can all be found in solar energy. Near-infrared radiation makes up 53% of the solar spectrum, visible light 44% and ultraviolet 3%. When sunlight hits your windows, some of this energy passes into your building while the remainder bounces outward. All the energy that enters your home or workspace through sunlight heats up your space, leaving you to change the thermostat and use more energy. This increases the electricity costs for your space and makes your building waste more energy.

Advantages include:

  • Boost the performance of the existing windows on your home or business with window tint
  • Block over three-fourths of the radiation coming in through your windows

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Reduce Glare

Sunshine can leave glare on surfaces in your house or property such as televisions or computer screens. This annoying problem can make it hard to relax, and otherwise, see what you're doing. When you lower the amount of visible light coming into your area, it will be easier to see off of reflective surfaces. Furthermore, by reducing the light entering your space, you can see the beach, city or mountain views of Orange County better.

Tinted window film can:

  • Decreases glare for better visibility out day or night
  • Block up to 94% of glare

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The different types of energy in sunlight can drain color from your home. By blocking 99% of the UV rays and most of the heat, our window tinting can deliver substantial UV shielding while bringing visible light into your space. Excess light and radiation can drain pigment from soft items and flooring in your house or commercial property. Solar window tinting keeps your interior in top condition and looking good as new.