Custom Graphics and Solar Film Installation at Javatini's Coffee Shop!

Purpose of Solar Film and Custom Graphics

We were fortunate enough to install both solar film and custom graphics to a local coffee shop in Laguna Hills, California. The coffee shop was looking to:

  • Decrease the amount of heat
  • Decrease the amount of glare 
  • Get customers attention when they drive by
Watch the video of Javatinis story!
Custom printed graphics

Final Product

We installed Llumar DR 15 to the glass to reduce the amount of heat and glare that entered the coffee shop. The customer worked with our in-house graphics team to create custom graphics to put on the windows facing the street, to promote the shop and increase traffic. According Dave, the owner of Javatini's, "Before the window film, it never got below 78°F. with the AC on, but now it can easily get below 72°F.

Custom printed graphics for storefront

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