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Sun Control Window Film Installation in Santa Monica, California  

Attention homeowners! This is another case study geared towards you! You might be wondering why we post so many case studies about homes that experience a lot of problems with heat, glare and sun fading. The simple answer is because of how much of a problem it is for SO many people. We install window film to homes every single day in different parts of the country. We want to share the stories about people who might be going through the same exact thing as you! With that being said, this is another residential installation where the homeowner was experiencing issues with heat and sun fading. Solar Art installed sun control window film to this home in Santa Monica, California to help with these two issues. As you can see from the photo, this home is located right on the ocean is sunny Santa Monica. The homeowner was only having a problem with their family room because that room has the most amount of glass. The family room has large glass floor to ceiling windows and walls on the entire west side of the room. The homeowner wanted to be able to take advantage of the gorgeous ocean views as much as possible. However, just like we have seen in previous case studies, the floor to ceiling glass lets in a lot of sun throughout the entire day. The family room not only gets really hot, but their couch and floors are also being faded from the sun. No one wants to be in the room that has the gorgeous views and is supposed to bring the family together because of the heat.

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Benefits of Sun Control Window Film

The homeowner wasn’t happy about this because the family room is the focal point of the home. They wanted to be able to enjoy it and utilize the views hey worked so hard for. They had a friend who installed window film to their home for the same reasons and they were really happy with the results. This homeowner decided to research window film companies near them because they thought it might be a good fit for their home since they didn’t want to cover the glass with blinds or shades. That’s where we came in 😊 Our sales representative met the customer at the home to learn more about what they were looking for exactly and to show them different samples as well as take exact measurements. The homeowner wanted a light window film that wouldn’t darken the room or get rid of the ocean view at all. They were also looking for a window film that would reduce the amount of heat that enters the home and protect their furniture from sun fading. Our sales representative showed the homeowner different sun control window film that won’t change the look of the home since that is their main objective. When it comes to sun control window film, each reduces a different amount of heat and glare. After looking through the different sun control window films, the homeowner really liked 3M Prestige 70. This is a really light sun control window film. The way you can tell this is by the number. The higher the number, the more amount of light is let in. This sun control window film still lets in a lot of natural light while blocking 50% of heat, 23% of glare and 99% of ultraviolet rays from entering the home. Blocking 50% of heat is huge! That’s half the amount of heat being let into the family room. Those ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of sun fading. What this means is the customer can have peace of mind knowing that the life of their furnishings and flooring is being extended by rejecting this amount of ultraviolet rays. The customer was really happy with the results of the sun control window film installation because their heat and sun fading problem were fixed and their ocean views weren’t hindered at all. It was literally a win-win situation! In addition to sun control window film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State. If you are interested in learning more about sun control window film or think it might be a good fit for your home, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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