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Tinting Skylights in Los Angeles, California     

Solar Art tinted skylights in Los Angeles, California! This customer owned a mall that had skylights all throughout it. The skylights are a great design factor that also let in a lot of natural light. This is great because it makes the mall bright and welcoming. One downside of the skylights is the amount of heat that they let into the mall. It gets really hot and stuffy and since it’s such a large space it takes a while for the air conditioning to have a real effect. The owner of the mall was looking for a solution to the heat problem and did some research online when he came across window film. They reached out to Solar Art to learn more about tinting skylights and what that looks like. Just like always, our sales representative met with the customer onsite to take a look at the skylights. It is especially important for a sales representative to look at skylights because tinting skylights can be tricky.

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Benefits of Tinting Skylights 

Tinting skylights can be tricky because they are either made out of glass or plexiglass. If the skylights are glass then it’s no different than tinting any other glass window or door in the sense that you can choose from the same window film. However, if your skylights are plexiglass, which most of them are, then you can’t install standard window film because it won’t adhere to it. You do have a few different options when it comes to tinting skylights. A few different manufacturers make window film that will adhere to plexiglass. With that being said, our sales representative met the client at the mall to see whether these skylights were glass or plexiglass. They were in fact plexiglass, so our sales representative showed the customer what their different options are. The customer ended up choosing Hanita SolarZoneXTRM PolyZone Skylight. This window film is designed specifically for skylights and reduces 84% of glare, 83% of heat and 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. As you can imagine, this will make a noticeable difference in heat and will make the mall significantly more comfortable. In addition to tinting skylights, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, security window film, anti graffiti film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in having tinted skylights, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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