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Corona Del Mar, California 

UV Window Film Installation at a Home in Corona Del Mar, California

Homeowners! Are you concerned with ultraviolet rays in your home ruining your clothing and your belongings? If so, you are going to want to read this case study! Solar Art installed a UV window film to a home in Corona Del Mar, California! This customer lives right on the coast and has gorgeous views of the ocean in pretty much every room of the house. The aesthetics of this home are very modern, open and airy which the customer loves because it creates a welcoming feel. The customer was, however, having an issue with sun fading. They have large floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire home to utilize the views as much as possible.

Unfortunately, those windows let in a ton of heat and ultraviolet rays that fade their furniture and belongings. The customer wasn’t happy that their valuable belongings are being sun-faded, so they were on the search for a potential solution. Solar Art was lucky enough to help the homeowner with their renovations to make their home perfect for them. Solar Art worked with the construction company that has been working on the home to help the customer with their sun fading issues! 

Solar Art's Goals

Being a homeowner is exciting. The days of renting are behind you and you can renovate and design your home to be exactly the way you want it. What a crazy concept! With that being said, homes are expensive and you’re spending your hard-earned money trying to perfect the place you live in. Having your expensive and valuable belongings be ruined by sun fading is beyond frustrating and some of the items may even be irreplaceable. This homeowner isn’t alone in feeling this way.

Solar Art installs window film to both homes and offices every single day to help with the issue of sun fading. Both homeowners and business owners turn to window film to help with the sun fading because it’s effective, affordable and doesn’t have to darken rooms or compromise views. That was comforting to this homeowner because they do have gorgeous ocean views that they didn’t want to compromise to fix the sun fading issue. Solar Art’s goals for this installation was to work with the homeowner and find a window film that wouldn’t compromise their ocean views and would help with their sun fading issue!

Solar Art's Suggestions

Just like all of our other installations, our sales representative met the customer at the home to take a look at the windows, take exact measurements and show the customer samples of the different window film options they have. One really important thing to note is that only certain window films can be applied to homes that are close to the ocean. This is because the salt from the water actually can erode the window film itself. With that being said, our sales representative wanted to be sure to explain that to the homeowner and only show them UV window film that is appropriate and will work for their home. We asked our sales representative who worked with this customer what UV window film he suggested for this customer and why. His response was, “Huper Optik Ceramic and 3M Prestige due to the location being so close to the ocean and the client wanting to maintain their beautiful views.”

What the Customer Chose

The customer went with our sales representative’s suggestions and decided to install both Huper Optik Ceramic 40 (C40) and 3M Prestige 70 to the glass throughout their entire home. Both of these UV window films contain no metal and are safe to install near the ocean. Both of these UV window films also have low reflectivity. What that means is the customer will still be able to see out of the glass, the aesthetics of their home isn’t going to change and the beautiful ocean views aren’t going to be hindered at all. Both of these window films are going to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, which is great news! These are the ultraviolet rays that are the leading cause of sun fading. Blocking 99% of them isn’t going to completely stop the sun fading from happening, but it will prolong it and extend the lifespan of the customer’s valuable belongings.

The ceramic window tint that the customer chose blocks 55% of heat and 53% of glare. The 3M Prestige window film the customer chose blocks 50% of heat and 23% of glare. Both window films are going to not only help with the sun fading issue, but they are also going to make the home cooler and more comfortable by reducing heat and glare. We asked our sales representative why he ultimately thought the customer chose the product they did and he said, “because they are two of the best products available, they are clear and they are very aesthetically pleasing.”

Results of the Window Film Installation

The customer liked the window film options they chose and decided to install it on glass throughout the entire home, which made this installation a pretty big job. In the end, Solar Art ended up installing 775 square feet of UV window film to this home. It took three of our installers a total of six hours to complete. At the end of the installation, we asked our sales representative his thoughts on the job as a whole and he said, “Projects like this are very exciting. The client has a very nice house with expensive clothing and belongings, so being able to maintain views and give them the protection they need is great. Typically, people think of a solar film as being dark and ugly so these projects are fun because they show that even in the nicest houses with the most wonderful views, we have products available that can serve their purpose and not take away from the views these houses offer.” The customer was also really happy with the results of the installation because all of their goals were met and their home looks fantastic. In addition to UV window film and solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting a UV window film installed to your home or would like to learn more about, give us a call!

Project Details


Corona Del Mar, California

Type of Film:

UV window film

Square Feet of Project:

775 sf.

Installation Time:

1 day of install

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