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Seattle, Washington 

Window Graphics Installation at a Medical Office in Seattle, Washington

Solar Art installed window graphics to a medical office in Seattle, Washington! This office is located in a big building and is on the same floor as several other medical offices. They were having two different issues. The first one was that they had no lettering or advertising for their office and customers often had a difficult time finding it. The second problem they were having is a lack of privacy. This large glass door allows full visibility into their office and doesn’t allow much privacy or confidentiality for their patients. They were hoping window film could be the answer to both of these issues. They reached out to Solar Art to learn more about what different options they have!

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When it comes to lettering and advertising your business, Solar Art does it all the time! We frequently install custom logos, business names, and store hours to storefronts and office doors. Our sales representative worked with the customer and educated them on the different custom lettering options they have. The customer’s main priority was to have their suite number, name of the practice and the doctor’s names on the door so patients clearly know where they are. After our sales representative and the customer decided on the custom lettering, they started to figure out the issue of privacy. Our sales team talked to the customer about decorative window film and custom graphics. When talking about the window graphics, our sales representative mentioned how we could incorporate both window graphics and the custom lettering together. The customer was extremely interested in going the window graphics route so they worked with our in house graphics team to come up with the design you see in the photo. The medical office was really happy with the outcome of the installation. They were able to advertise their business as well as increase privacy for their patients, all for an affordable price. In addition to window graphics, Solar Art services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. Custom lettering might not be applicable for residential settings, but we frequently do window graphic and custom graphic installations for residences as well. If you are interested in getting window graphics installed, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote!

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