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Lake Forest, California 

Window Graphics Installation at an Office in Lake Forest, California

Hello, our valued readers! We appreciate your continued support. This case study is fairly similar to the last case study we did. Custom graphics, like window graphics and wall graphics, are used very frequently in commercial settings for a variety of different reasons and we want to showcase those different reasons to you! This was a window graphics installation we did at an office in Lake Forest, California! This particular business was having issues with the break room, the meeting room and the conference room in their office space. All three of these rooms have a large floor to ceiling glass wall on one side. This is great because of the open concept feel it gives the office. However, there were a few things the business owner didn’t like about the glass. He didn’t like the lack of privacy in the meeting room and the conference room. Really important and confidential meetings take place in these two rooms and the business owner didn’t like that people could see straight in. Anyone walking by can easily see what is being displayed on the TV screen.

In addition to the lack of privacy, safety was also a concern in these rooms. There have been a few incidents where employees didn’t see the glass and ran straight into it. With that being said, the business owner wanted to also draw awareness to the glass to prevent this from happening. For the break room, the business owner wanted to have their company values installed somewhere visible for employees to easily see as a reminder. The business owner did research online to see what potential solutions are out there when he came across Solar Art’s website. He decided to request a free quote to learn more about window film and custom graphics to see if it might be a good fit for his office!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this project were to first educate the customer on window film and custom graphics to let him know what his different options are and the directions he can go in for his project. From there, our goal was to help him find the product that will best help him reach his own goals of increasing privacy and raising awareness of their company values. Our sales representative met the customer at the office to take measurements of the glass in question and to show the customer samples of different window film options they had. Our sales representative showed the customer both decorative window film options as well as custom graphics because those are what’s going to increase privacy and draw attention to the glass.

Solar Art's Suggestions

After talking with the customer and learning more about their goals and what they are looking for specifically, our sales representative suggested custom graphics for the customer, specifically because of the flexibility they offer. Custom graphics would achieve all the goals the customer was trying to accomplish. Custom graphics can help increase privacy, increase safety as well as show off the company values! Specifically, our sales representative suggested the customer cut the graphics out of a Llumar white frosted window film or 3M Dusted Crystal because he felt these two window films were perfect for what the customer is looking for!

What the Customer Chose

The customer decided to go with one of our sales representative’s suggestions! They chose to install the white frost window film, ultimately because it’s more affordable and gave them more options for the level of opacity and privacy they were looking for. The cool thing about custom graphics is the fact that they can be installed on multiple surfaces like walls, glass, carpets, and cement and can easily be removed if needed be. They make a great temporary or permanent design, which is nice for commercial spaces.

For the conference room and meeting room, the customer decided to install one large frost band in the middle with smaller frosted bands above and below it. The business owner decided on this because it not only increases privacy, it adds a custom design factor to the office. For the meeting room, the customer decided to use the same product and cut out their company values. They thought this was a really easy way to show who they are as a company and what they represent!

Results of the Window Film Installation

The business owner was really excited with how the installation turned out and stoked window graphics were able to help them reach all of their goals! Privacy was increased in both the meeting room and the conference room, and their company values are clearly shown for everyone to see. This installation ended up being 208 total square feet and took two installers 5 hours to complete. We asked our sales representative that worked on the job what his overall thoughts were. He said, “it was a fun project and an easy client to work with again!” Those are the best kinds of jobs if you ask us!

We love what we do and we love getting to help all kinds of people with different problems they are facing in both their homes and their offices. In addition to window graphics and wall graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior building wraps throughout California and Washington State! If you are a business owner that is interested in learning more about window graphics or think they might be a good fit for your office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!     

Project Details


Lake Forest, California

Type of Film:

Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

208 sf.

Installation Time:

1 day of install

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