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Window Security Film Installation at a Hotel in Mountain View, California  

You might have noticed that lately, we have been calling attention to the specific personas each case study pertains to, and that is because window film can benefit different types of people in many different ways. Window film isn’t a super popular topic of conversation and a lot of people probably have no idea the different benefits it can provide, so in each of our case studies, we want to draw attention to exactly how window film can benefit different personas. With that being said, this case study is geared towards hospitality professionals.

So, if you are in the hospitality field, keep reading because you might learn something that could potentially be beneficial for your business! Solar Art installed window security film to a hotel in Mountain View, California! The business owner wanted to increase their current security system by adding security window film to all of the first-floor glass windows and doors throughout the entire hotel! The owner of the hotel had window film installed to his home and already knew about the different benefits it has. He thought security film would make a great addition to his security system to maximize safety in his hotel, and he decided to reach out for a free quote! 

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Benefits of Window Security Film

When our sales representative met the customer at the hotel, he brought different security samples with him so the customer could see which one he likes best. When it comes to window security film you have a few options in regards to color and shade. There is a clear security window film, a neutral security window film, and a reflective security window film. The clear option isn’t going to interfere with the appearance of the glass or the look of the space. The neutral and reflective options are going to significantly reduce heat and reduce glare while still providing all of the security benefits. Security film strengthens your glass by 2-3 times and holds the shards of glass together in case of a natural disaster or intruder. This reduces the risk of injury and allows more time for help to arrive. It is a really easy way to add to your existing security system for an affordable price. The business owner decided he liked the clear security window film option the best. The clear security window film isn’t going to change the look of the hotel at all and guests or potential vandals won’t even know it’s there. As a business owner, why wouldn’t you want to have a security film installed? It’s a no brainer. In addition to window security film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, and exterior building wraps throughout the West Coast. If you are in the hospitality field and think security window film could benefit you, contact Solar Art today!

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