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Window Security Film Installation at a Store in Oakland, California

Business owners! Is your store or commercial space located in a highly trafficked area? Do you constantly worry about your storefront being vandalized or broken into? If so, this case study is for you. Solar Art installed window security film to a store in Oakland, California! The store is located in downtown Oakland in a highly trafficked area. There are a lot of people coming and going and this area is no stranger to vandalism and break-ins. The business owner obviously wasn’t happy because graffiti and vandalism make a space unsightly and can be a turn off to potential new customers walking by. Break-ins are a huge safety concern and the customer wanted their store to be as protected as possible. The store already has a security system in place, but the store owner was concerned with the glass storefront. He loved the glass storefront because it gives potential new customers the opportunity to window shop and see what’s in the store and what products are being sold. Unfortunately, glass is really easy to break into. With that being said, the customer didn’t want to cover up the glass, but they were looking for a way to protect their storefront from vandalism. They found window security film online and thought that would be the perfect solution for their storefront. They decided to reach out to Solar Art for a free quote!

Benefits of Window Security Film

Our sales representative met the customer at the store and could instantly see why the owner was concerned. The store is located on a major street and with a ton of traffic. Our sales representative took the measurements of the storefront glass and showed the customer samples so he could see and feel what they are like. Window security film comes in different thicknesses. The thicker the security film, the longer it takes to get through. After seeing and feeling all of the samples, the business owner liked 3M S40 the best. This window security film is optically clear and is 4-mil thick. It provides shatter resistance in case holds glass together in case of an intruder or a natural disaster. Window security film strengthens glass by 2-3 times and prolongs forced entry time, which allows more time for help to arrive. 3M S40 can be installed with a silicone attachment for additional safety and security. In addition to strengthening the glass, window security film has a protective hard coat that provides scratch resistance and durability if the store were to get vandalized. An added benefit of window security film is that it blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of sun fading. The customer can have peace of mind knowing that not only is the security increased, their belongings in the storefront are being protected from sun fading, which is a huge benefit. After learning all of the benefits of window security film, the business owner thought it was the perfect solution for their store. It is a simple addition to their existing security system and they can have peace of mind knowing their store is as secure as possible. In addition to window security film, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film and exterior building wraps. If you are a business owner that is concerned with break-ins or are interested in learning more about window security film, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!    

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