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Los Angeles is full of sunshine! Although the sun is nice, the light entering your home or workplace can cause damage to the interiors. Flooring, furniture and other items can lose their color after sitting in the sun for years. Additionally, the heat that sunshine brings can warm up your space, causing you to waste electricity on cooling. One efficient method for keeping your bills budget friendly, preserve your possessions and provide some privacy to your room is with window tinting in Los Angeles.


Energy Efficient

Homes and businesses in the U.S. are responsible for roughly 15% of the nation's total potable water consumption. These figures underline the urgent need to modernize existing commercial structures with more eco-friendly glass with new window film products.

The benefits of window tinting Los Angeles include:

  • Lower utility rates from better HVAC efficiency
  • Eligibility for rebates from nearby utility companies


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Block Harmful Heat

Solar radiation is the energy that comes from the sun that can hurt your building. When rays from the sun hit a window, the solar radiation is soaked up and some is reflected by the window, but a majority of it passes through the glass. All the radiation that enters your house via sunshine heats up your space, leaving you to adjust the temperature and require additional energy. This boosts the utility prices for your space and causes your property to use additional energy.

With Window Film, you can:

  • Double or triple the function of the existing windows on your home or business with window tint
  • Reflect over 3/4 of the radiation coming in through your windows

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Better Visibility

Sunshine can cause glare on surfaces in your house or workspace such as TVs or computer monitors. This irritating issue can make it difficult to relax and more importantly, see what you're doing. When you reduce the amount of visible light coming into your area, you'll be able to see these reflective surfaces better. Furthermore, by reducing the light entering your area, you can see the ocean, city or mountain views of Los Angeles more clearly.

Window Film can:

  • Lower glare for better visibility during the day and night
  • Reject up to 94% of glare

Avoid Fadingprotect-from-fading-los-angeles.png

Discoloration is generally a result of three factors, UV light, visible light, and heat. By blocking almost all of the UV rays and most of the heat, our window film products can deliver significant UV shielding while bringing visible light into your space. Sunshine can drain the color from softer items like carpets, furniture and other items. Keep your flooring and furniture bright and new with window tinting provided by Solar Art.