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Businesses throughout the Orange County area soak up the CA sun daily. Although everyone needs vitamin D, too much can discolor inventory that sits in the sun too long and interfere with computer screens with glare. Solar Art provides building wraps that update the look of your building and help block the sunlight from entering your office without blocking the view of Orange County. 


Exterior Wraps around Orange County

Offices of any shape or size look more modern after applying window film and vinyl wraps. These materials protect your building from the sun and gives it an updated appearance. Your occupants will like using their computers without screen glare as well as the privacy tinted windows give them.

By reflecting the extra sunlight entering your building, you don't need to keep the space's thermostat low and your employees can concentrate without glare on their screens. With all the energy you'll save, you may be eligible for a utility rebate from the Orange County utility authorities.

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Exterior wraps from Solar Art in Orange County is similar to our interior window finishes and other film products. No matter what shade or type of outdoor refinishing you want, every one of them benefits the appearance and productivity of your building. We never require you to replace your windows, our process simply covers you window with a new protective layer. Whether your property is big or small, we've got the skills to complete the job quickly. You can pick from a range of colors or mix several together to create a custom appearance for your building that is unique.

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This retrofit can benefit your office in several ways. In most cases, our customers witness cheaper heating and cooling costs, more satisfied employees without screen glare and more privacy for all occupants inside. Change the face of your entire building with out wraps. Contact our office today for a complimentary building survey!