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Protect Your School from Intruders through Security Window Film - School Safety Grants

Installing security window film prolongs the time it takes for an intruder to make it inside, buying time for your staff and students to get to safety and for police to respond. View video below of Solar Art's newest company acquisition, Solar Insulation, educating about Security Window Film for schools.



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Solar Art has helped over 600+ schools become safer through Security Window Film

Strengthen your glass 2-3 times with security window film or stop ballistic attacks on your windows through DefenseLite® BulletShield. Click below and fill out our form to get onto our list of schools to help.



Solar Art Gets Serious About School Safety

Now more than ever, schools are taking action after the tragic Nashville shooting. Some states are even helping by funding different safety measures at schools, including installing security window film.

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What Is Security Window Film?

Security film is a thin film applied to your school's windows strengthening them by 2-3 times, greatly prolonging intrusion.

Benefits of Security Film

Keeps windows from instantly shattering, adding valuable minutes to a forced entry, buying time for police response. 

About DefenseLite® BulletShield

Advanced protection against forced entry, ballistic, blast, energy, sound, and windstorm.

School Safety Grants

Solar Art can help your school apply for a school safety grant or see if your school has already been funded to receive free safety installations such as window film.

What Is Security Window Film?

8-14 Mil Security Window Film

High security film
Help protect from acts of violence, civil unrest, industrial explosions, or natural disasters and high threat levels.

Silicone Attachment System

Silicone is applied to the security film and window frame. Silicone sealant has 3/4" - 1" thickness onto window with security film.

Colors available:

  • White
  • Black

 Issue addressed: acts of violence and high threat levels

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Benefits of Security Film

Safety & Security

Strengthen Windows by 2-3X

Security window film keeps your windows from instantly shattering upon impact from an intruder. Security window film is applied directly onto your glass surface and strengthens your glass by 2-3 times. If your glass has impact, the security film will either prevent it from shattering, or hold the shattered pieces together, increasing safety for everyone.

  • Strengthens glass by 2-3 times
  • Prolongs forced entry time
  • Protects against impact and intruders (even natural disasters)
  • Affordable security solution (many states fund security film through grants) 
  • Allows for more time for police to respond and arrive on site 

Prolonged forced-entry time

Since security film strengthens your glass, it prolongs forced entry time. It will take an intruder longer to break through the glass with a security film, which allows more time for help to arrive.

Issue addressed: prolonged forced-entry time

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Benefits of DefenseLite® Products

DefenseLite® security products provide delay into a space and protect against ballistic attacks providing first responders, security professionals, employees, administration, and resource officers additional time to react to unpredictable criminal acts. 

Key Benefits:
  • Independently tested 
  • Affordable bullet-resistant protection
  • Installs into any existing glazing system
  • Quick & easy to install protection
  • Reduces street noise but up to 40%
  • Improves energy efficiency of existing glass by up to 50%

BulletShield is a clear proprietary polycarbonate shield that offers impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost. It is designed to protect glass which is the most targeted area of any building.

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Solar Art's School Safety Concierge
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School Safety Grants 

You may be eligible to receive Free Security Film 

Who is eligible: Determined by State Governments

We can help your school enroll for School Safety Grants:

  1. We help you find how much money has been allocated to your district or school on your local government site
  2. We help you find program details typically on your state's gov page
  3. We help you apply via eGrants or similar programs based on your area, or we help you receive the funds already given to you by state


Solar Art's School Safety Concierge
Mark Gascoine:
Phone: (888) 303-7724
school safety plan solar art

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School Security Window Film Benefits

Comfort and peace for every need

School safety

Security Film

Our newest Solar Art acquisition, Solar Insulation, was featured on the news following the tragic shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

  • Prolongs break-ins, providing valuable minutes for help to arrive
  • Available in 7 mil, 8 mil and 14 mil
  • Available in a clear form, a mirrored film form or a dual reflective form

Safety & security window film

Security Film

Security window film helps keep glass in tact in case someone or something tries to hit it. It can take an intruder longer to break through which can give help more time to get there.

  • Blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Available in 7 mil, 8 mil and 14 mil
  • Available in a clear form, a mirrored film form or a dual reflective form

One way privacy window film

Privacy Film

One way privacy window film acts as a mirrored film and increases privacy from those looking in, while still allowing people inside the ability to see out. It will also reduce heat and reduce glare.

  • Reduces up to 75% of heat
  • Blocks 99% UVA and UVB rays
  • Blocks up to 93% of glare

Frosted window film

Decorative Film

Decorative window film works great in a commercial business to increase privacy as well as create a design factor in any space such as a conference room or private office. You can choose from a variety of shades and opacities such as frosted window film or blackout film.

  • Blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Provides privacy

Some of our School Security Window Film Jobs

Solar Art has already helped 600+ school and administration buildings become safer.

Solar Art installs school window tinting all across the US. Below are some of our top projects we've worked on.

Lewisville ISD 
● 64 School and Administration Buildings
● 26,000 sq ft - 3M Ultra S800

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
● 9 schools
● 10,000 sq ft - 3M Ultra S800

Irving ISD
● 8 schools
● 15,000 sq ft (sun control and safety)

View Solar Art case studies

Solar Art Reviews

We're here to help you.

Solar Art is lucky enough to work with a variety of people in the school, business, and construction industry. And we strive to provide everyone with extraordinary services.


Solar Art provided excellent service. Their installers were highly professional and did a beautiful job installing the film. I was impressed with their speed and efficiency.


Cresent Cove Capital Management

Had a great experience with the Solar Art team! From the prompt communication to the quick frosting installation on my companies conference room windows. Literally every employee in our office made a compliment on our frosting, and my manager now wants to frost additional conference rooms and offices in our new suite.


Purple Bricks

Solar Art installed glass door privacy film, looks great! They were on time and cleaned up very nicely. Would highly recommend.


Johnson, Stone & Pagano, P.S.

Video Testimonial

If I compare the window film installation project compared to other energy savings projects that we've done, in terms of being pain free, I would describe it painless. The crew was exceptional.


Holiday Inn

Video Testimonial

I've worked with Solar Art since I started working in property management in Southern California and I've never had a bad experience with them.


Equity Office

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 Commercial Window Film: FAQs

Solar Art often receives several questions regarding window film for the commercial business setting.

Read more FAQs

How much heat does window film reduce?

Solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and custom graphics all reduce heat, but different window films reduce different amounts of heat. Solar window film can reduce up to 75% of the heat coming through your windows. Generally, the darker shade of window tint you choose to have installed, the more heat the window film will block. However, ceramic films contain no metal or dye, meaning they are optically clear, and they can also reject up to 75% of heat. Speak with a sales representative to learn more and figure out which window film will work best for you!

Is window film installed on the interior or exterior?

Most solar film and decorative window film is installed on the interior of windows in both residential and commercial settings. In fact, the majority of the products are made for interior installation. However, exterior window tints are available for both residential and commercial settings. Exterior window film is commonly used for large buildings or double pane glass that is easily accessible to reach from the exterior. Building wraps are a great example of when Solar Art uses exterior window film. Anti graffiti film and security film is often installed on the exterior as well.  Speak with a sales representative to see if interior window film or exterior window film is right for you!

Installing Window Film to all United States



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We look forward to making your school safer

Solar Art is proudly helping schools all over the country become safer through security window film.

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