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Makes your home more private and stylish at the same time. Options include frosted window film, gradient window film, geometric shapes, patterns, different colors, and more!

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Why Decorative Window Film?

Design solutions that won’t break the bank

Making your home more comfortable or private shouldn’t cost a fortune. Decorative window film offers the same privacy benefits as expensive specialty glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike etched glass, window film can be replaced at any time with a new design to fit your style or vision.


Affordable & Effective

Stay comfortable & have more privacy

Decorative film gives your home increased privacy 24/7, helping to make your home more comfortable. Whether it's shower privacy, bathroom privacy or bedroom privacy, we've got you covered. Not to mention, an added bonus is 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays will be blocked!


Common Window & Glass Types

Front Doors | Patio Doors
Garage Doors
Bathroom Shower Doors
Living Room Windows

Decorative window film solutions for your home

Solar Art offers a variety of different window films to fit your needs. We cut the film to fit to your windows.

Make your home private and stylish.
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Frosted window film

Diffuses light, increasing both privacy and comfort for people behind the glass. Choose different levels of opacity for custom privacy options. Frosted window film is ideal for bathrooms, shower doors, kitchen windows, entryways and other home windows that require both privacy and light.

Best for: Privacy, heat control, glare reduction, UV protection


Gradient window film

Comes in different colors, patterns, levels of light, and gradient positions on your glass for maximum privacy. Gradient film is ideal for bathroom windows and shower doors where you want to see out but also want privacy.

Best for: Privacy, customized design, glare reduction


Patterned window film

Visually separates your windows from the outside without much loss of light or views. We offer geometric film, modern designs, classic motifs and more that match your home’s aesthetic. Get a different design on every window!

Best for: Privacy and distraction, customized design


Blackout window film & whiteout window films

Block light both in and out for total protection. Both are ideal for garages and spare rooms where absolute privacy is needed and light isn’t important. Choose other colors like white, blue, and bronze depending on your space.

Best for: Maximum privacy, glare reduction

The Benefits

Add style. Increase privacy. Save money.

Privacy for peace of mind

If you want frosted glass without the cost, then decorative film is for you. You can turn your home into a stylish, yet private space, giving you creativity and practicality that’s affordable. Why replace your old windows with new glass when you could cover them in decorative window film without the mess and cost of new windows? It's an affordable and easier alternative to etched glass, not to mention it offers the same privacy benefits!

Issue addressed: windows without privacy


Create a unique home

You have the option to choose from a lot of different patterns and colors. No matter your design needs or your vision, there’s a decorative film that matches your space. Add a pop of color with colored window film, frosted window film, or geometric designs to add elegance and practicality to your windows. 

Issue addressed: boring windows and glass surfaces


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Peace of mind

My home was cased by a suspicious person. I had windows in my garage roll up door. Solar Art came out assessed my needs, and I chose to have frosted window film installed on the roll up doors. The installer did a perfect job, and now my home feels more secure from potential intruders. I would recommend Solar Art to anyone wanting quality window film with a professional installation.

Carol Clark-Woods

Homeowner, Seattle, WA


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