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Update Your Property's Look with Building Wraps

Having a modern and well kept building is really important if you are a building owner and are trying to rent the space to future tenants, or if you are a manager and are trying to keep your employees happy. A building wrap is a simple and cost effective way to rejuvenate a building and decrease competition with other buildings on the street for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire building.

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More Than Just a Slick Exterior

Custom vinyl changes the look of your building when exterior window tint, spandrel and mullions are updated. Installing exterior window film can block up to 75% of heat and protects against 99% UVA and UVB rays. Your air conditioning bill will be greatly reduced with exterior window film, and you might even be eligible for a utility rebate through your local utility company. Reducing glare and reducing heat creates a comfortable environment, which will in turn increase productivity. If you are trying to rent your space out to potential buyers, having a modern and updated building will make your property more attractive than older buildings on the block.

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Change the Look of a Building with Exterior Window Film

A Building Update Solution

The process of installing building wraps utilizes multiple types of materials. The glass is covered with exterior window tint, and installed the same way as decorative, security and graffiti film. Many buildings have an inconsistent look from the exterior due to blinds or shades being up or down. Exterior window film can help hide this inconsistency and give your building a more uniform and clean look on the outside. Exterior window films come in various shades and colors. Hover over the image to see the transformation!

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Complete the Look with Custom Vinyl Accents

Installing perforated vinyl redesigns the whole building. Other than exterior window film, a key design factor is building vinyl which is used on other exterior surfaces of a building like windows, spandrel glass, or concrete. By adding custom vinyl wall art of various colors and patterns, you have the ability to redesign your whole building facade that will WOW potential tenants or buyers. We can produce any current design you have in mind or you can work with our in house design team to come up with a unique design specific for your building.

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