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Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) Window Film Rebate

LADWP offers rebates for different energy efficient measures. The rebate incentive is $0.25/kWh.  The rebate eligibility requirements include the following: the film must be installed on single pane glass, the space cooling must be vapor-compressed AC, the film must have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty and the film has to be National Fenestration Rating Council Certified.

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Southern California Edison (SCE) Window Film Rebate

SCE is offering a window film rebate that could help lower your monthly bills. The rebate incentive is $0.06/kWh. In order for the rebate to be valid, it must be coupled with another retrofit and it has to meet all of SCE’s requirements. Some of those requirements include the film having a minimum five-year manufacturer’s warranty, the space needs to be cooled by vapor-compression air conditioner, and the film has to be installed on clear single-pane glass.

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San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Window Film Rebate

SDG&E offers a window film rebate that only certain window film product specifications meet. They are offering a rebate price/unit of $1.35/square foot if the requirements are met. The film must have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, the space must be cooled by vapor-compression air conditioner and the film has to be applied to single pane glass.

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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Window Film Rebate

PG&E offers custom rebate programs. The rebate incentive for window film is up to $0.08/kWh if the requirements are met. PG&E requires an application to be submitted to begin the process. Details of eligibility and requirements can be found on the application document.

Learn more about PG&E's Window Film Rebate Program

Earn LEED certification with Window Film

Window Film can earn up to 9 LEED points.


Light Pollution Reduction

Earn 1 LEED certification point


Energy & Atmosphere

Optimize Energy Performance

Earn 1 - 3 LEED certification point(s)


Indoor Environmental Quality

Thermal Comfort

Earn 1 LEED certification point


Indoor Environmental Quality

Daylight and Views

Earn 1 - 2 LEED certification point(s)


Operations & Upgrades

Innovation in upgrades and operations

Earn 1 LEED certification point


Materials & Resources

Optimize use of alternative materials

Earn 1 LEED certification point


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